Help Center is f useless

I can’t. I simply can’t.
I can’t with this help center.

I created report on September 22, 2021 01:16.
Viki responded on August 11, 2022 17:47 (XD) with basicly “we don’t know who you are reporting even though we see you reported them, can you attach the screenshots?” (even though I did attach them). They didn’t give me time to respond (they waited for a week, while I waited for a year) and closed my report XD
Fun fact: I’ve already reported this person before and nothing was done, so with this report I attached more screenshots and reasons why I think they are an abuser.


In the meantime this person became CM more than once (while being deleted from multiple teams). Nothing was taken into consideration.

I immediately after seeing the response created a follow up with links to the mentioned profile and I asked there, what screenshots should I provide or what information, since I can do it all (I have already provided a lot).

Viki didn’t respond to said follow up. They just closed my report after another year XD

Woooow, just thanks.
Waiting two years for nothing.

Next time I’m not reporting and I’ll start playing sheriff from Wild West.


This is the time you start to wonder if it might be just easier to play Dirty Harry and tell on the abuser to the CMs directly. It’s faster and more effective. Then a CM can decide informedly if this person is worthy of becoming a Moderator on their project.

It’s really disheartening to yet again see Viki not reacting to abuser claims, despite its own rules. If one makes the rules, one also needs to find a way to uphold them. So, this is Viki not taking responsibility.


Honestly, I’d definitely want to know, but we aren’t allowed to blacklist people according to the guidelines so we can’t actually take matters into our own hands sadly. I had the same. I reported a person and Viki vaguely said they’d look into it but nothing happened…


Am I evil for reciting “not to discourage …”. I have heard that so often in the past, that I gave my fingers at Viki several months of rest and thought about how to contribute from there on. Found my way but don’t recommend it.


It depends what one considers discouraging.

For me it’s discouraging already that in this case an abuser is allowed to continue abusing the system. But it must be particularly discouraging that the abuser was rewarded with several CM positions.


Since these would be the same guidelines defining what is abuse on Viki, I’m sure at this point they are considered null and void.

However, I’m not really convinced this would be a case of blacklisting. Blacklisting to me is not giving another chance to a volunteer ever again. Some individuals don’t learn until they are being punished. If an abuser doesn’t get their next moderator position they wanted, that to me is a well-fitting punishment and a good way to uphold the rules on Viki. As well as the mental state of the community.

It would only be wrong to limit the abuser if they learned their lesson and were not getting a second chance. Because everybody deserves that second chance.


Which guideline is this?

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Reporting failure to follow these guidelines

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in account suspension or other corrective actions. To report someone for failing to follow the guidelines, please report user by following these instructions or contact us.

“…may result in totally nothing lol” should be a correct version

If someone reports me for “blacklisting”, maybe I will get banned in three years, see you then XD


@damiechan, Thanks.

Based on the last paragraph below, and what you experienced, :thinking: it looks like their idea of appropriate action is to ignore, ignore, ignore, then close. :pensive:


Reporting Abuse

  1. Go to the users’ profile

  2. Select the Flag icon under the user information section on Overview.
    Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 1.12.10 PM.png

  3. After selecting the flag icon, a pop-up will prompt additional information specific to the case. Select the most appropriate statement from the list and click Next.

Fill out the information requested on the next screen with as many details as possible and submit. One of our team members will look into it and take the appropriate action.


LOL, it depends on no other than Viki what they consider discouraging.


“… may result in CM positions” :upside_down_face:


I have shared with other Chief Editors the name of a then currently active plagiarizer and other CE’s have shared such information with me. I do provide evidence in the form of the subs and the url for the source of the copied subs. I’ve never said X is a plagiarizer without providing evidence.
Occasionally, I too have seen a known plagiarizer given a manager position but I think the person doing the selection of managers wasn’t the same person who handled my report.
I am not sure how many people are in community support now because we don’t get personal notes from them-- I do suspect there are the same number or less than about 2012 or 2012.
Of course plagiarism among volunteers is not happening anymore in English and, soon, Portuguese, since almost everything is pre-subbed.

But have you noticed all prior requests have been wiped out? As an active contributor since 2009, I have written hundreds of requests, recommendations, etc. to the help desk and under the Help Center up until recently I could even look up the very first request I submitted. Now my whole history of requests has been zeroed out. That is a quick way to close any “open” request. Just eliminate all.


We now have an old an a new help desk. The old one still contains our old requests:


Thanks so much Mirjam. I found I have filed 630 requests over 12 years. All but one are marked “solved.” All Solved requests have no content available. Just the generic title, the ID and date. So what use is the list of IDs and titles?


I can still see them when I click on the title… :thinking:


I also reported a person for doing countless offenses against the community, with proofs indexed to it. I got a reply saying they’d see to it. This was over a year ago and since the person got over 6 new channels as cm. So I questioned that the warning they give us about “reflect on the future cm choice” was bs and till this day I’m waiting for a reply. Now I just save up my energy and just let it be. In the end, you follow the rules and it reflects nothing on the cm choice. Being good doesn’t mean squat to them. So you just do whatever you want and there will be no consequences whatsoever.


I’m just going to hop onto this topic to ask a question, because I think it’s the most appropriate thread on which to do so.

I hadn’t used the help center before the update and I filed a ticket some time ago about some missing badges. After a couple of days, I got an email about filling in a form to update if I still had the problem or something like that, but I couldn’t find a form. Anyway, I thought maybe it was one of those emails like “If your problem is solved, let us know to close it and if it isn’t, don’t reply.” I figured I’d wait a bit.

Anyway, today I received another email along the lines of, “We hope you saw the last email update from Ernst and since you didn’t reply, we’ll put the ticket as solved. If it’s not, simply reply to this email and we’ll get back to you.”

I did reply to the email telling them it wasn’t and that I couldn’t find the form. But my question is, did I miss something? Does the Help Center work differently now or what’s going on? Because I’ve messaged for missing badges twice before and it was always I’d file a ticket, after a while they’d be put on my profile, and I’d get an email back saying that they’d been put on there.

Is there a new process to follow now? What forms are we meant to be filling out and where do we find them? I am just very confused. :joy:


I don’t know Ernst, but I’ve since long/always had to confirm that I really needed help or else they’d just ignore my question/request. But I think back then, I could just click something… :thinking:

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Yes, exactly. But I guess this is something extra. Because I clicked the thing that I still needed help and then I got another email about it anyway. I think I may have gotten the form thing wrong, though, because I searched for the email and they just said “information”. I think I assumed the form thing. Hahaha! :joy: But it was still a little strange as I’ve never had to give extra email confirmation about STILL having the problem before.