Karadayi, not anymore here

hi, i was very happy few days ago becouse i found here karadayi with english subtitle, after few episodes when i tryed to watch new one, surprise, i seen this message
“Oops! Page not found!
You may have followed an old link, typed in the address incorrectly, or are just trying to make us feel bad. :slight_smile:
If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, start at viki.com or find another video to keep you entertained!”
what exactley happend?
i tryed to see again if can find first episode, but is not here anymore
please if some one know tell me how can i watch again

It’s not here anymore because it was removed by Viki. I was planning on watching it after it was done, but now it’s gone : (

damn! i am so sorry… 6th episode … to late!! i wait it in romania

Hey guys,
I’m sorry but this channel is no longer available. It might come back in the future though!

Sorry to deliver this disappointing news :frowning: