[KDRAMA] Bad Thief Good Thief discussion *Beware of Spoilers*

Bad Thief Good Thief has been airing half of its episodes. For me, this drama is like combination between “Chicago Typewriter”, about after Japanese colonization period and “Rebel: Thief stole the people,” modern version of Hong Gil Dong, of course not about HGD.

Your thoughts!

I just started watching, you beat me to the thread! :slight_smile:

I like it very much until know, I hope it doesn’t lose steam halfway.

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I love the actors especially the children and they did a great job of finding 2 boys that looked a lot alike to play Min Jae… The ironic part about you comparing this to Thief Who Stole the People is the fact that the evil wife of Noble man Jo who I hated on that show plays Hong Mi Ae in this show (she is great at playing an evil person)… I have only watched about 4 episodes so far so I haven’t got to the adult versions of the kids yet but I love Kim Ji Hoon and Ji Hyun Woo and have seen most of their shows

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I’m off to episode 5, I’m binge-watching, it’s so good!

I can’t compare to the two dramas you mentioned because I haven’t seen them but, if you take away the historical references, this is a classic story. I hope it ends on a high note, it’s too soon to know.

By the way, late 90’s S. Korea is nowadays Greece with the IMF and all that, it feels a bid weird watching this. Maybe a Hallyu will save us, too? (Joking. But not completely.)

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Also, I don’t know if it’s mentioned later in the episodes I haven’t watched, but I guess we get 4 leads for the four fighters who had kids.

Dol Mok, Min Jae, Hwa Young and So Joo (I bet her mother was a descendant of the only woman in the photo).

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Come here to discuss it, if you like!

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