[KDRAMA] Bride Of The Water God discussion ** Spoilers allowed**

As the comment section of Bride Of The Water God should remain spoiler free. All discussion which contains spoilers should be posted in here :slight_smile:

Have fun discusssing this Kdrama without being worried you will spoil someone who doesn’t wish to be spoiled :smiley:

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Waiting for the English subs I am reading the manga. Are we allowed to post the link to that?

I’m fighting the urge to watch it raw. Ugh! Have to have willpower.

In the meantime, first OST is out. The OST don’t count as links, right? Hope not! :yum:



Just finished ep. 1.

Enjoyed it. I like both leads and they seem to have good chemistry. I’m interested in the other characters but we haven’t seen them all yet.

Nam Joo Hyuk’s God look was nice. Talk about rocking that eyeliner. hehehe.

Now it’s time to go make some gifs for my Tumblr page. :wink:


yesss i really liked his hair in ep 1 and i actually just finished watching ep 2!! i enjoyed it…i really want to see Krystal and i read somewhere that her character likes Haebak so im eager to see how that goes lol

my problem, I don’t want it to coincide with legend of the blue sea, I want it to stand on its own! it does sound good and all, but now gotta watch just to see how facinating it is and will be

First two episodes were okay. I’m intrigued enough to keep watching. Better than Goblin like some said? Don’t think so but I do think it can be a charmer on its own.

The rest of the characters should be introduced in eps. 3 and 4. I do hope it moves along a little faster. Two episodes of her running from him are enough. Let’s get into the story! :wink:


The leads and writers are in over their heads trying to make this show the next Goblin and after 2 episodes I’m not feeling it at all.

The acting isn’t there. They may look nice but I don’t see him as godly or her as a doctor/psychiatrist. This doesn’t mean they’re terrible actors… just they don’t seem to have the ability to pull off these types of characters.

We’ll see, maybe my opinion will change. Only 2 episodes so far.

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It’s licensed, people !!! :heart_eyes:
https://www.viki.com/tv/35438c-bride-of-the-water-god !!! :grin:


Great for the European fans! Us in North America have to deal with the other site but I’m fine with that as long as I have where to watch it.


I’m disappointed. That wasn’t what I expected. Here is the synopsis I read:

Soah is a girl from a small village suffering from a long, devastating drought. In order to appease the Water God, the most beautiful girl from the village must be sacrificed. Soah is chosen to become Habaek’s bride, but instead of dying at the hands of a monster, she is unexpectedly rescued by Habaek and brought to his Kingdom.

As Soah learns to live in a strange new world filled with gods, she is caught up in various intrigues surrounding Habaek and finds it increasingly difficult to know whom she can trust. In the midst of such trouble, she finds she has fallen in love with Mui, unaware that he is the true form of Habaek.

The first 2 episodes were a little boring. I hope it will get better.

I thought episode 1 was okay but ep. 2 was a bit boring, I agree. They need to develop the story a bit more and quickly before it becomes just a wannabe Goblin with not much to offer. Hoping the new characters will make it a bit interesting. The two leads can’t keep my interest by themselves. Love Nam Joo Hyuk but it’s true.

I do think the drama will suffer from the comparisons to Goblin. Reading some forums, people were not impressed but living up to the expectation of Goblin is too much for any drama, especially when Goblin just aired less than 6 months ago.

I hope it does get better. :slight_smile:


I liked both eps so far but yes it’s totally different from the Manhwa but I knew that so I’m not disappointed by that fact. And I don’t get why people feel the need to compare it to Goblin. They are 2 totally different Kdrama’s. Yes people have high expectations for this drama as we have been waiting for it for years but still…


I always give any drama up to episode 6 to capture my attention. If by that time, I’m not engaged…I’m out. With Man to Man, I was out by ep. 5, because I just couldn’t do it. With this one, I hope that by episode 4 it’s better. Gotta be hopeful. :slight_smile:

…at least in some global parts fans are jumping high with cheers :heart_eyes: because they can watch it on Viki…
More dissapointing it is that QCs DO NOT have access outside of that region !!!

True. Opera is an option, but one has to be careful if one decides to use it. Online security should always be top of mind. :slight_smile:

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Goblin had a guy who didn’t understand anything about the world around him and the girl taught him how to live. They have a relationship with friction but attraction.

In this drama the god doesn’t understand very much around him and once again the woman looks like she will teach him. They will also have friction and attraction.

I understand it’s not a copy but the reality is Goblin has been the big fantasy drama for 2017 (yes, I know it started airing in 2016). The major comedy and romance themes are going to feel the same. It’s not fair but unfortunately that is how it’s going to go down.

At least with that mermaid fantasy drama it was the woman trying to adjust, often on her own and Ji-hyun is pretty great at playing the emotionally wild characters.

I hated the lead romance in Goblin (please don’t kill me) but the rest was very good. If this drama is like Goblin with different lead romance, I’m tempted to watch. :slight_smile:

Different strokes for different folks. I try to avoid hating on anyone for anything but the one exception might be reality TV but even then I usually keep my mouth shut. No one wants to be laughed at for liking or not liking something.

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“Hate someone”… “laugh at people”… I’m not sure you read my comment correctly.