KDrama "Melo Is My Nature" Recruiting Moderators and Subbers

KDrama Melo Is My Nature
Finnish Moderator, Finnish Subbers
Turkish Moderator, Turkish Subbers
Vietnamese Moderator, Vietnamese Subbers

This series is the story of three female friends working in the challenging entertainment industry as they balance their careers, relationships, and dreams.

If interested, kindly send me, Hana, a private message at hana_860 - Rakuten Viki
OR send a PM to bepina at https://www.viki.com/users/bepina/overview
Thank you.


Recruiting Serbian subbers too.

BTW Here’s the link to the channel Melo Is My Nature Melo Is My Nature | Korea | Drama | Watch with English Subtitles & More :heavy_check_mark: (viki.com)

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DM me if you need Hindi subbers :sweat_smile:

Hi. Would love to be part of the show as a Thai Language mod. :slight_smile: