Kill Me, Heal Me

Is the 9-10th episode out on viki? If it is I can’t see it. Is anyone having this problem if the episodes aren’t showing up.

I can’t see episode 10…

Same with me

I dont have that problem but, I can see the 9 and 10 episode dont have spanish subtitle, so if the staff of this drama wants hepl i can do it^^

Should we report it? I’m seeing that kill me , heal me is not 100% subbed but it I can’t see the new episodes.

If you search up kill me, heal me episode 10 viki on Google you can see it.

Isn’t this drama great? Ji Sung is marvelous and the story is captivating all I can say is Wow!

Not a spoiler just I think I’ve figured out the relationships. He is the son of the grandfather and the writer guy is the son of the man in a coma. The family that have raised the sister and brother as twins is because the woman was either a friend or family of the wife of man in coma and she took him to protect him. Why did he refer to the picture of the old guy as father and then let the grandmother know he knew the family secret which I think is that the grandfather had a child with his daughter in law. What other reason would the women keep a child hidden in a basement? I think they believe the other child died in the fire. Anyway it’s interesting. What do you guys think?

I completely agree. I actually think that the guy in the coma is the grandfather but it might also be the grandmas son. I felt like he might be the grandpa’s son when I saw that newspaper and it said the grandpa(father) and daughter-in-law died in a car accident together. Why would they be together? Affair! I also believe that DH was being abused as a child because he was the child of the grandfather and daughter-in-law. Hope they explain it in more detail next week. Also I can’t believe SG tried killing the guy in the coma.

Because she put her son before the child her husband fathered with his daughter in law. He wants to punish her for keeping him locked up with instructions to keep quiet and be invisible by killing her son that she waits for to wake up. That way he can control her as the other woman has for years. Altogether a twisted tale but as everyone knows the stakes are high. Lots of families have secrets that are kept indoors but where big money is concerned it becomes all about the money and power.

It’s an amazing drama and it’s not the writer who was the other kid it’s her soooooooooooo I am REALLY hoping they explain that soon cuz right now I’m at the OMG are they half brother and sister or kissing cousins which just brought out a whole Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww factor destroying my awwwwwwwwww they soooooooo cute moments. She is definitely the heir to the company in what capacity idk but I think you are right if it’s the Grandfather in that big picture he’s probably the daddy and the daughter-in-law and that’s why it’s all hush hush in the family since that would be a HUGE scandal buttttttttttttt they can’t be related pleaseeeeeeeee nuuuuuuuu too many kisses to wipe from my memory… Next week can NOT come soon enough…

@melliebean_2. Oh yes I love the twists and keeping us all guessing but I’m sure she does belong in there like you I really hope it’s her brother that’s his uncle, you get what I mean, I think she used to play with the hidden child maybe because her Mum worked for the family. I get that thought because of what Si Gi said to the brother. Anyway I’m on another mad marathon because I can’t get enough of Ji Sung I first saw him in ‘Secret’ and he just brought the whole drama to life so since I’ve watched everything he has been in. Have you seen ‘Swallow the sun’?
Oh my he’d give you naughty thoughts hahaha. It’s a bit over long but I guess it was so popular that they strung it out more than necessary still worth watching go for it when you have time.

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No I haven’t seen that one THANKS always looking for recommendations to watch :smile: Hoping this week they make the blood relationship clear so I can go back to squealing and awwwwwwwwwwwwwing again ATM back of mind is still going ewwwwwwww nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu LOL

I just finished the latest episode and now I’m more confused than ever…help help…
Must say this is very very good.

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this was basically my reaction…

It reached this point…

soooooooo me now…

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As usual you have given me a good laugh. Yes it’s getting more twists for us to untangle but still a joy to watch. I knew it had to be worth watching because the cast are great and really surprised that the script is good also. There are a few melons airing at the moment and I really needed a decent one after ‘Healer’ which was fab. Love having a drama that I anxiously wait for each week.

I’ve found this great little video in You Tube, created by Martinnas. Nice to watch while we wait for the next episode…


Nice find. I just finished E15, now I see what this whole animosity thing is between the Mother and grandmother. So he is the son of the Mistress and she is the daughter of the wife. I know from the fathers expression when he asked who the child was, that he is not her father. Great! that means they are not blood related. I get confused with the Korean family tradition that adds a child to the family register ergo on paper it would mean she is heir as daughter of the wife. So that’s why the other family members are anxious to eliminate her. Also why his mother is blackmailing the grandmother to declare him heir as blood line from her son in a coma. He hasn’t worked that out completely yet or has he? The scene that he threatens his mother to choose between dropping everything and going away or he’ll expose the family secrets, OMG her face it was scary. Glad to see the personalities merging now but looks like we have to wait until next week to see if he’s successful.


OMG!! LOVED that!!!Definitely going into favorites :stuck_out_tongue:

WOW I did NOT see that coming…just finished ep 16…