Kim soo Hyun Nd IU

Omg!!! I love This song… Iu and Kim soo Hyun Sounded Awesome!!!

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OMG DREAM HIGH!!! my FAVORITE drama EVERRRR!!! aaahhhh
i love this song pairing beautifull

did u watch dream high 2?

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I have that song on repeat! Seriously. I think I’ve listen to that song like 600 times!


Dream High 2 was not even close to the original… I found it so freaking childish…

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Not Yet… But Im Am Soon… Its Doesn’t Seem That Good but I Will try it… Alot of People Saying it Awesome!!

Omfg!! Right… This Song is Awesome… i also like Jason Reaction!!

Even Thou i havent Watched it… it seems so to me 2

Just be prepared… It’s not as good as Dream High 1 :slight_smile: The songs aren’t as cachy either! Can’t remember any of them, sadly

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Yeah, he so freaking cute! <3

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Haha… Im already Prepared… but dream high 1 was kinda messed up cause she didnt have feelings for kim soo hyun but than later on she does… i mean i would understand if she had feeling for him when he saved her but ummm…

hahaha… but he was messed up but kinda adorable … cause… the point he was messed up was when he told her to lose weight than he gonna love her… he didnt really say it in that exact words but thats what he meant

Wait… what? When did he do this?

When he was gonna be gone for 100 days … she said if i lose weight will you give me your answer… he said yes…

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i loved it im sorry xD i thought that it was even better then the first at some point! but then… idk if i can say that
lets just say i love them both but yes dream high was awesome and both [quote=“10122683295285062274, post:4, topic:1478”]
Dream High 2 was not even close to the original…

but i think think thats the point,because if they were both the same, it would be boring :confused: i liked that it was different from the 1st but still stuck to the song-music school concept.

i dont know if u saw the whole 2nd season but when u get more into it it gets more serious.

namja i loved it!! u should watch it if u watched the 1st one, and the boys are cuteeee

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Yes, But Than The Plot of The drama doesnt make sense… can you explain it to me… cause they separate but than it takes abouts boys than back to girls … its really hard to know

what do u mean? when u said this:

the plot is basically a music school (dream high 1’s school) is in crumbles and falling apart, and they need a better help for it, so a major producer guy that is the top company for superstars decides to bring his famous kids to the school and brings all these unfair rules to the school and takes over. so the lower class kids and superstars have to compete and work together at the same time, and there are some clashes.

the plot on dramafever really confused me but im gonna try to watch it when i finish 1 of my drama…

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if u do you will love it x) well, i did.

haha… i always end up liking drama’s i watch but i liked lie to me when it was freaking confusing …