Known issue: Archived Contributions Error


We’ve long had issues with the subtitle count lagging and confusion around the archived contributions count etc, but in the last week I started to experience something new for me…

A couple of days ago, my profile showed “no recent contributions”/view archived when I had only missed 5 days of subtitling due to irl issues. I didn’t pay it any mind at the time, since when I proceeded to do my subtitles as normal, they displayed correctly.

Now today, I log on and see this,
When I clearly subtitled last night. My subtitle count appears correct, and my projects also correctly display as seen here

And if I click on “view archived,” there they are, last night’s subtitles, clearly not created before June 28.

I snooped through Discussions and a few tickets and couldn’t find a similar issue, although I may have missed it. Is anyone else experiencing this? Has it been reported or should I do something?


I Noticed long back and I ignored
Recently @cgwm808 brought up this issue on another thread, Viki is not answering to any latest issues, in my opinion it’s utter waste to create issue related topics, sorry.


You didn’t miss anything, it’s just that nobody talked about this.

I do experience this every now and then. When I look at profiles, I’ll see some profiles that contributed just a minute ago but their recent contributions won’t be visible to me, instead Viki would shove “View archived contributions” into my face.

I’ll show you some examples:-


It happens to me too!


I have this error often


Glad to see we’ve all been largely desensitized to and disillusioned by viki’s numerous problems by now :sweat:

Thank you peeps. I suppose let’s hope it will be fixed when the archived contributions page goes away in December (?)


I think nothing is going to change in December, actually that archived contribution thing is applicable for inactive volunteers.
Not for regular subbers and seggers


Yup, also saw this a while ago.

:sweat_smile: I think you said it well. We’re being desensitized. Some of the problems are still really annoying though :neutral_face:


Exactly that.

With so many site errors going around, I thought it wasn’t worth bothering Viki’s computer engineers.


There’s an error in total contribution count on my profile, first,i thought of creating a new topic and later realised that it would be a waste.


I checked today and my contributions are showing on overview page, but the layout seems different, it’s on the left side :joy: Badges in the middle and collection on the right under my projects… weird…

Is this perhaps a browser issue? I’m on Opera private with adblock… (incl. track block) always had this and my watched shows showed up, for some reason Viki says you have to remove adblock in order to view shows watched, strangely this wasn’t an issue years before until only this year!!!


How did you detect the error? By summing up all contributions on all projects? Or something simpler than that?


No actually I go to the subtitle team tab sometimes and you know we rare language subbers stay on top and I just saw the number and it is different from the number on my profile,
And I added up all and the difference started from my recent project yumi’s cells, and there’s a difference in tens and I definitely think that the difference will be more in people who contributed more.


Yes, I noticed it too. I thought about it, and I think that the subtitle team tab shows every contribution, also those edited. Like if you made a mistake, and already saved it, your profile won’t show another contribution when you edit your own mistake, but the subtitle team tab yes. I don’t know if I made sense or if I was clear😅


If you edit your own sub it doesn’t count!


But I think that it does count only on the subtitle team tab. If not, there’s no other explanation why it’s different.
Of course, it doesn’t change our contribution number, but the number is different on that tab.


Total count is different too!
The one on my profile is wrong
The one on the subtitle team tab is correct.


There are also cases where subtitle count is more than the number of segments. I guess, just as @lovemyself said, it’s because of editing…?