Kor-Eng Translators

If you need kor-eng or are a kor-eng sub specifically, then please comment down below.
What you are (recruiter, subber)
Status (none, qc trainee, qc, gold qc)
Project name (if your searching for subbers, project link would be helpful but not needed)
Link to profile (you can’t search for specific users on viki so this is a must)

(No this is not an example. I really am a kor-eng translator with way too much time on my hands.)

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I wished they recruit you `for Mr. Queen drama bc the pace there is so slow…:confused::disappointed::cry::frowning: but I’m Not Complaining just maybe they need more Korean/English subbers? Good Luck!:four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover: :+1::pray::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::sunny:

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Hello I’m a subber, QC. I’ve been doing eng-spanish but I can also translate kor-eng.
This is the link to my profile https://www.viki.com/users/sarapm24/overview

I am taking a quick break from subbing Episode 6 of Mr. Queen. I know the subs are coming at a slow pace but according to the cover page, we have more than a dozen Kor-Eng translators for the project already so I am not sure they are still recruiting. This is another tough one for subbers because of all the Joseon era terminology and history and also there is a lot of wordplay.

@wink_wink, best of luck on all your future projects. Kor-Eng translators are in high demand so you will soon be able to find a project to work on. In case you are interested, I am currently working on Mr. Queen, and Cheat On Me, If You Can, both are on air dramas. If you have any questions about those dramas, you can DM me.

Viki URL: https://www.viki.com/users/choitrio

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The number of Ko-En translators on the cover page doesn’t mean anything at all. Unfortunately, they - out of all other languages - think that you can say “yes” to a project and then participate is an optional. Every time I am English editor, at the end of the drama, I have to remove 4-5 Ko-En subbers who never showed up, and another 1-2 who made less than 20 subs.
I know there are few subbers and many projects, but if you cannot commit, just say “no”. This is beyond rude. But it seems to be the accepted practice in the English teams.
And the saddest thing is that you cannot say “I won’t work with this person anymore”, because there are few good ones, so you have to ask her again on your next project, hoping that this time the queen will deign visit and make some subs. Moreover, it sometimes happens that the same person who didn’t contribute in a project, contributed very well in another project, because… who knows? maybe she liked it better? or was more free at the time? But again. If you are not free, don’t say yes.

So yeah, feel free to ask, no matter how many people are “supposedly” subbing.


It is very unfortunate that you had such negative experience with Kor-Eng subbers but I assure you that not all of us are irresponsible. In fact, I spent the Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas subbing with few other very dedicated Kor-Eng subbers translating a couple of on air dramas. I absolutely agree that there are subbers whose names appear on the cover page but contribute very little or none at all. This practice should stop not only for the sake of other members of the subtitle team but also for the new subbers who unknowingly accept a project under the false impression that s/he will have other subbers to share the workload. Perhaps, in order to help discourage such practice, editors or English Moderators for all projects should update the cover page and remove anyone who did not make a minimum number of contribution. I know for fact that not all cover pages get updated.

Please know that there are many very competent and dedicated Kor-Eng subbers. Unfortunately, it seems that there is not enough communication among us and we lack a strong leadership. Hopefully, this can be remedied soon.


Of course I know that! I never said all of them are like this. If it were so, no drama would ever be completed, right? I said that in a typical drama, there are 4-5 with no subs and 1-2 with almost no subs. The drama was completed by the rest of them, who worked hard. But those poor ones are left alone, and since they are responsible people, they have to work double to cover for those who are not.
Still, the usual understanding is that coming to sub is an optional. Sometimes, the ones who worked very hard in one of the dramas I was in were the ones who didn’t come at all. It’s completely random, at whim.

I do, in all my projects. I also count sub numbers for everyone and, in the credits, I put them in order of contributions. Before, I just used alphabetical order, but now I have switched to this practice so that the ones who contributed most are mentioned first.


I had not seen your name in the project until yesterday so I’m so happy you are there! Thank you so much you did such a great job in ZD. To be honest, I think is bc is a Saturday/Sunday drama and most subbers do other stuff on weekends so I figure since this person said ‘‘I have all the time in the world’’ she could make up for those that don’t want/like to work on weekends.

But is all good. The translation is good, the drama is hilariously funny and awesome. I already made up my mind to watch it on Monday and not bother to go sat/sun like I was doing. Thanks again. Keep up the great work I love the translations in the projects you work in.

PS. Can you give me the list on the projects you have worked and finished so far? I want to watch other stuff while I wait for Mr. Queen, and so far I can’t find anything I like, but you seem to work in nice projects and very fast. Thanks again.

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How about Eng-Kor translators? They seem to be extremely rare. :thinking:

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@irmar, you are right. I have noticed that a subber who made a big contribution on one project would hardly show up to contribute on other project(s). When I first started subbing, this used to bother me a lot but now that I have worked on few more projects, I really think the root of the problem is lack of communication. To this end, I am trying to promote better communication and cooperation among Kor-Eng translators by reaching out to individual subbers. I sometimes wonder if it might be a good idea for Kor-Eng. translators to form teams (like other language subbers) so that we know that we have each other’s back and the CM or CE does not have to constantly worry about recruiting. This would also help mentor the new subbers. I would welcome any idea you might have.

@mirjam_465, unfortunately, English to Korean translators are very rare. I know I would have a hard time.

@angelight313_168, I love Mr. Queen! I tend to decline working on any web drama or pure romance. I prefer action or comedy, and sometimes shows with more depth such as Steel Rain 2, which is proving to be difficult to TE because of its politically sensitive nature.


Okay, my fellow language lovers, has anyone taken OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) with the US government before? I have one coming up in a few weeks and I would love to find out more about it.

I haven’t yet, but I know someone who has. I think there are like ranks. As long as your fluent, it’s fine. I don’t know a lot lot about it, but I’ll ask my friend (if he still remembers). But omg, small world. lol


Until now I never even heard of it, but I wish you good luck! I’m sure you can do it! 화이팅! :muscle:


I am a member of NLSC (National Language Service Corps.) which is a civilian group of multilingual volunteers under the auspices of the Department of Defense. I know that OPI has 5 levels and I heard that levels 4 and 5 are quite difficult.


I had a person who told me they were level 4-5, but it was for Chinese. I had no clue what they were talking about, so I just took that they were good :sweat_smile:


It’s all a question of context. 4-5 out of how many? Out of 5 means the person is outstanding. Out of 10, less so.

When I went to the orthopedist to show him the MRI of my knee, I asked him:
“It says here I have 3rd degree damage. But 3rd out of how many?”
“Out of three”.

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To my knowledge, most OPIs have levels 1 through 5 but depending on the agency or the organization administrating the OPI, the difficulty of the interview varies. Regardless, 4 or 5 out of 5 is great I think for interpreters. For translators, the equivalent test is called DLPT (Defense Language Proficiency Test) if anyone is interested.

It seems that the focus of the topic has changed to language proficiency levels, but I am still going to put this just in case anyone passes by.

I’m always recruiting Korean- English Subbers (and Segmenters/ new & experienced) for the the “After School Club” Variety show.
Here is the channel link: https://www.viki.com/tv/24004c-after-school-club

If anyone is interested in joining the team, PM me HERE


Just wanted to thank all the English subtitle translators. You all have allowed me to experience good laughs and heart warming tears.