Korean actor you like the best - JUST ONE please ;-)


I want to do some sort of survey here just to check if Lee Min Ho is the only one on top so far, or if I’m ignoring other great hotties :slight_smile: On my part, my favorite and cutest actor ever is Gong Yoo :wink:



I honestly don’t know why people like LMH so much. LOL. I mean I like him, but it’s like not an obsess love. But I guess that’s their opinion. Probably cause I haven’t seen his latest dramas. The only drama I saw of him was BOF & City Hunter.
But I pick:

Even though I love Lee Jong Suk, I have to pick JooWon cause his acting is so perfect. He transformed into different characters and he still did a great job at acting^^


I don’t fall out over LMH, either; but of all the dramas with him I watched, I liked City Hunter best.

Sooo, as for the main question of this topic, my pick is Yoo Seung Ho. He was a skilled actor as a child, adolescent, and I expect great things as an adult. I can tell he’s got a great work ethic, and he has range. He makes me cry whenever he does, and I feel his emotions through the screen-whether he’s angry, sad, happy, I’m never disappointed with his versatility. Even if the whole drama is crappy, his scenes are stellar. He went into the army voluntarily already, so nothing to fret about after his time’s up. Of course, with all of that, he’s smoking hot!!! Those eyebrows are simply gorgeous, and he has an overall unadulterated look and wonderfully symmetrical features. I could sing his praises till the cows come home. He’s simply amazing-end of story.


Lee Jong Suk ^^ Why? He always chooses the interesting roles. That’s why he constantly surprises and shows what can do. The teenager who hears the thoughts, the doctor, Olympic swimmer. Really, his roles are awesome and rare. I also love his smile and great charisma.


I pick Jang Geun Suk


YES YES!! i pick Gong yoo too!! i mean, i realllllllllllyyy love other actors too, (like lee jong suk for example) and everyone i totts agree on the lee min ho thing, even tho, i love him aswell xD but he’s not my top favorite, like everyone else. thats all.

but even tho i love allot of actors, i will pick Gong yoo as the one who delivers the best acting and i love him so much, ive vowed to myself to see every one of his dramas xD and i almost have!
and i think he is one of those manly-man actors that are older yet, delivers the best stage-wise.


i LOVE him too. simply brilliantly great actor. i mean WHOA, CAN HE ACT! have you seen his “operation proposal” drama?


Yeah, I did. Can’t say I favored that rag hair, and the story was quite repetitive, but I still liked him very much.


LOL i tottally agree on the hair to the story drag, and BOYY DID IT DRAGGGG. but im glad i watched it cause after ep 9 it was great. they finally put some real problems. and the begining couple episodes where good/okay too.


It would be unfair to not have him here, right? I mean, the voice and those eyes! :slight_smile:


what about him?? OMG!





Sorry, but I don’t know. Who is this?


hyun bin … he was in secret garden . I like his acting but i am not a big fan of him tho


um, hold on hold on, let me um

Gah! such a cute pic of him i love him lol


Hyun Bin. Some of his dramas are: My lovely Kim Sam Soon, Secret Garden and The First Love of a Millionaire. He was cuter in the second :wink:


Annddd… him of course :slight_smile: couldn’t miss this discussion lol