Korean actor you like the best - JUST ONE please ;-)


what do you mean by “what actor I like best” ? what actor I like as an actor or what actor I like as a man?

I like Jun Kwang-ryul (I’m impress by his facial expressions, I consider him one of the best Korean actors)

If you meant “what K actor you like as actor but also as a man”, than mr. Kwang-ryul is a little bit too mature for me :))) I would definitely pick Song Seung Hun




I meant Korean actor you like the best (be it for his acting, for his appearance or for no reason at all).


His role in fashion king blew my mind, great acting and gorgeous looks!

And the long hair? OMG no cutie can top that!


yeah, I know, his smile is just like pure and contagious :wink:


yeahp, like him too. He’s got some sincerity in his acting that just makes me forget he’s just playing a role.


Hard to choose between Lee Jong-Suk, Lee Seo Jin ,Jung Jin-young or Jun Kwang-ryul .They all are good, but different generations (< 30, 30-50, +50)

and the winner is …

Jung Jin-young :smile:


Ahhh he plays in angels eyes right ? Female main leads father?


Without a doubt it has to be Joo Sang Wook


There are so many actors I like but thanks to ‘God’s Gift’ I found my ultimate favourite in Jo Seung Woo =) I have watched nearly all of his movies in the past weeks and damn that man can act (and sing <3)! His performance in the movie ‘Marathon’ completely won me over because… WOW just WOW. His acting is so detailed there and he is just present in every scene he is in even if he’s just in the background.

And well… Ki Dong Chan is one of my most favourite K-Drama characters of all time and JSW rocks that role! I am still swooning over his rendition of ‘Magic Castle’ xD


Uhm… there are a lot of good actors and is really hard to pick one… but I choose Won Bin. Obviously not for his beauty, but for me his way of acting is very charming! I love him!


Just one?

Cha Seung Won


I only seen him in I Miss You but he has left a lasting impression. I have many of the dramas he starred in my “plan to watch” list. I know he is/was serving his military duty but I will be glad to see him in some dramas in the future


OMG!!! Just one??? There are many on my list but after careful consideration I choose Ji Sung

This man has the looks, the voice, the acting skills… Everything in a total package

Ji Sung


[ @babyinspiritestar1 don’t get this too, don’t worry : D]

Though I really really love Le Jong Suk, my favourite is Lee Seung Gi ^-^


I love Park Shi Hoo, you can see it from my pp


what about So Ji Sub? I discovered him in the master’s sun and then I got a revelation in I’m sorry, I love you. and ALWAYS he was so charismatic.


Park Hae Jin! <3


He scared in “I miss you”[quote=“alienluvah, post:4, topic:1843”]
I don’t fall out over LMH, either; but of all the dramas with him I watched, I liked City Hunter best.

Sooo, as for the main question of this topic, my pick is Yoo Seung Ho. He was a skilled actor as a child, adolescent, and I expect great things as an adult. I can tell he’s got a great work ethic, and he has range. He makes me cry whenever he does, and I feel his emotions through the screen-whether he’s angry, sad, happy, I’m never disappointed with his versatility. Even if the whole drama is crappy, his scenes are stellar. He went into the army voluntarily already, so nothing to fret about after his time’s up. Of course, with all of that, he’s smoking hot!!! Those eyebrows are simply gorgeous, and he has an overall unadulterated look and wonderfully symmetrical features. I could sing his praises till the cows come home. He’s simply amazing-end of story.

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I PIICK him…Omg Yes