Korean actor you like the best - JUST ONE please ;-)


I was introduced to So Ji Sub in Master’s Sun too. OMG!!! THAT MAN can wear a suit. I haven’t watched any other thing with him Yet but I have a few of the movies and dramas he was on on my Plan To Watch list.


I know I previously said Ji sung is my best and it still holds but after seeing Jo Seung Woo in God’s Gift, He may be running a very close race. This was my first experience with JSW and he has made a big impression with me. His and Ji Sung’s acting style are a bit similar, in my opinion.


Kim Soo Hyun…


It would be great if he is in more dramas… but he likes the stage more than a filming set… really loved him he was awesome


He looks even better in a suit in “Ghost.” Put that on your list.


He was awesome in ghost. Before I knew him better I didn’t even recognize him in masters sun. He looks so different in ghost. At least for me


OMG just one, thats hard. I would have to choose Kim Woo-Bin! :smile: Just look at this handsome dude! <3


Yes, yes, and yes. Love him.


Yes, I love So Ji Sub too. He is such a good actor. He is so good at playing the tortured soul. I wanted to see him in something fun then he did Master’s Sun. I hope he continues to do more fun roles.


I love Cha Seung Won… but I choose Jung Kyung Ho !


I agree so much with you ! I think that he is so underrated ! I mean , i never sow any actor bringging so many emotions at the same time. His acing is human , is real and there are only a few that can do the same .
Yoo Seung Ho, you sir rock !

Also he’s freakin’ beautiful


Honestly i don’t like Lee Min Ho , i know he’s a great actor but my favorite is Kim Soo Hyun . He’s so talented and all his drama are perfect !


just one? :slight_smile: I choose Lee Byung-hun


Right on!! Another great talent!


I actually don’t understand why ppl always compare to lee min Ho… it’s not like he’s the only actor out there who is beloved so much. Poor guy…
But because you want the best actors except lee min ho I won’t post him here. Even tho he deserves it… it’s not like he’s successful because of nothing… :slight_smile:

Ppl already mentioned kim soo hyun I will say jung il woo

His acting in 49 days proved everything for me…


I have yet to watch 49 days. What sort of drama is it? And…does it end well?




weeeell depends on how you see that. I personally LOVED the ending. But it’s not a happy ending and if you watch the drama you already know that it can’t end well. The ending suits the drama perfectly


yessssssssssss omg i love yoo seung ho! and hes SO UNDERRATED. why the heck when he’s so fantastic? his acting is pure brilliance. and hes gorgeous too xD

i even think he looks good with long hair O.O and thats rare sometimes

hahaha sleepy head:


First time I saw him was in Warrior Baek Young Su with his long hair, and I was smitten from there on out. I love him melancholy. He does crazy. He does punk…and he does them well.


he really does… warrior baek young su? i have to see that!! i only saw a piece on TV and it was dubbed :confused: thanks for telling me!