Korean actor you like the best - JUST ONE please ;-)


Lee Dong Wook is my favorite. This is a hard question because the more Kdramas I watch the list gets longer. There are some actors that are just bringing amazing performances. I have not seen any, LMH’s dramas yet so I can’t say one way or the other.


I definitely want to see more from him. I have only seen him in To the Beautiful You but I found his performance enchanting.


i just wanna say i had a good laugh here in one of these comments :joy: anybody with me? please like. LOL


Have to go with Kim Young Kwang!
Respect him as both an actor and a model. :heart:

Sorry Lee Jong Suk, Jo In Sung, Gong Yoo, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Dong Wook, and all the other great actors. :’( You are all in my hearts too. :heart::heart:


Ooo, I see many great actors on this thread! Lee Min Ho is a good actor, but he is not my favorite. I enjoy watching Choi Jin Hyuk, Ji Soo (the first Korean man I fell for), Song Joong Ki, Gong Yoo (he is simply an amazing actor), and Kim Kang Woo, but my favorite most likely has to be between Yoon Shi Yoon, Ji Sung, Kang Ha Neul, and Yoon Kyung Sang. Every time I see them on screen I just smile and know I’m in for a special treat. I like their interpretations of their characters. I can’t choose! Maybe I’ll just go with Yoon Shi Yoon (I would choose all four if I could, but I have to choose one :sob:)

He does a great gangsta character :joy:



y’all are so bad!! hehehehe,
no way I could just pick one!they all are good, but I will try!!,
lee min ho is great an awesome actor, jo jung suk also an awesome actor, just not going to name all of them!
cha seung won, is another I do know I really liked all of them, so my main one is
,I Guess would be, song seung hun


Ah, I loved him in Black! I haven’t watched other dramas of his though.


the new one he is in, going to try & start watching that. I fell in love with him in my princess, black was just awesome, I have already watched it twice, thinking of watching again. this new one I really hope its good!


Lee Sung Min. I will watch him wherever and whenever. memory-lee-sung-min