Korean actor you like the best - JUST ONE please ;-)


ahh he’s like a hmm, whats the word he used in “to the beautiful you”… “SQUISHY”! he’s like a squishy gummy bear or teddy bear or something. very cute and smiley xD

T.T ive had enough of bad endings let alone sad…


Same… -_-


I am ardent Lee Min Ho fan,I didn’t like any of his dramas other than Heirs and City hunter to some extent…But could watch him without lashing the eyelid…

Love Love Love Lee Min Ho…and everything about him …sans his ex gf Min young…hate her…I wish to see him with Park shin Hye in real life as well they seriously have a chemistry which is beautiful …Yes I do like Kim Woo Bin but ofcourse less then LMH


**Yeah, I’ll buy that phone!!! **


Just one would be quite hard for mee :’( !! But i’m gonna saay , So Ji Sub (L) omg I LOOOOOVE HIM , especially in Master’s sun , he waas unbelievably handsome !


I didn’t know if i can say this but after i found the trailer of his new movie and got exited like never before i told myself to get back and do things right.

I will delete my previous post ^^ Can’t deny my man lol


Okay, because i could pick only one i am choosing Song Joong Ki. The guy just floored me with his performace on screen, it was such a pleasant surprise to watch someone that doesn’t just acts like the character but he is the character. It’s hard to explain, but you know how there are some actors that are good but somehow they are always themself playing someone else and it’s like they’re acting every role the same way there’s not much diference in there performance not enough credibility and diversity. I don’t think i explained it very well but it’s not that important. The first thing i watched Song Joong Ki in was this movie Penny Pinchers, and his role was of somewhat lazy, rude and a little idiotic young guy. So i watched the movie and it was fun, i liked it, but after that there were other stuff to watch and at the moment i didn’t really took note of the actors or the director or anything like that. And after some time i saw Innocent man , went through all the episodes without even realising that the same actor was playing both of the characters, there simply wasn’t anything pointing to the fact except that the guy’s face was vaguely familiar which kind of bothered me so i thought about it trying to remember where have i watched him before and finally i was able to connect the dots. Now that kind of thing is impossible because i’ve tried to watch everything he was in no way to be surprised anymore, maybe in the futurr. Some things i liked some i didn’t finish (he was awesome in A werewolf boy of course the movie also appealed to me :p). There are some other actors who are capable of bringing their character to life and a couple have been mentioned already, but for me Song Joong Ki kind of holds a special place. Anyway again my post got out of contrlon and went on and on sorry about that.


Mine is ‘Koon Kye Sang’ just love this guy.


Lee Min Ho !!!


Oooh I like him too! He was so hottt in Inspiring Generations.


Yep he is fabulous a great actor and nice to look at too…


Yep, I was kind of surprised that nobody had mentioned him before me, but then again people have pretty different tastes so…


I really like Cha Seung Won because of his acting and his maleness :smiley:


It’s so difficult to choose just one, but since I’m really into the ajussi actors these days, that have roles in more serious dramas or movies, my choice is:

Son Hyun Joo, because he can pull off any role he’s given and can make every character relatable. My favourite role of his is the one he plays in The Chaser (the 2012 drama that’s really underrated)!


There’s a lot to choose from. But I’ll stick with my first drama My Girl, LEE DONG WOOK


i saw him in greatest love :wink: love him, what an adorable and sweet doctor. had NO idea he was part of the k-group G.O.D.


I love him !!! Yoon Kye sang is such a good actor. Loved him in Beyond the clouds.


Lee Min Ho !!! :heart_eyes:


LEE JOON KI is my favourite KOREAN ACTOR and ENTERTAINER. HE is a REAL ACTOR - fantastic(not a pretty boy for show)! He has a wide range and depth of emotions and is multi-talented. He has a wide range of acting skills and he can DANCE, SING & ENTERTAIN. He is the BEST ACTOR and I count him to be “THE BEST ACTOR of 2014” for his historical drama “THE JOSEON GUNMAN”. In the drama, he runs, leaps,rolls on the ground, fights with fists,combats with swords and guns, straddles and rides horses with style. Watch his MOVIE, "THE KING and THE CLOWN, a gay themed, tragic movie where he plays the effeminate clown. Look at his impassioned and tragic PHOENIX EYES and gorgeous CUPID BOW LIPS. Watch him in the drama, “TWO WEEKS” and see his transformation as an actor. He is like a chameleon who morphs from one character into another. Watch him sing and dance. He is so SEXY. Watch him laughing and all his playful antics on YOUTUBE - his laughter is so contagious. He is what I call “THE KOREAN ENTERTAINER for ALL TIME!”


This would be my second choice. I think his range is excellent. I haven’t seen much but he was phenomenal in I Miss You.