Korean Crime or Thrillers

Hello, I make it short and simple :smiley:

Can we get more Korean crime and thriller movies, pretty please? :3


In entertainment business, as in every sort of business, there is one simple rule, the rule of the offer matching the demand. The producers produce what is popular and successful.
I’m not a fly on the wall in their offices, but I’m pretty sure that they carefully study numbers, how many tickets has every type of film sold, and plan their future offerings accordingly. This percentage of rom-coms, this percentage of crime, this percentage of action, and so on.
So, you or me or anyone else writing here… pretty useless, I’d say. Money talks.


I assume what Viki addicts see on Viki is a fraction of the shows that are broadcast throughout the year in Korea. I also assume that, if more people subscribed to Viki instead of just using it (AND if more people proved to the Viki chaebols that it would not be a waste of money to license such shows) . . . then we would get more crime or thriller shows.

I personally would LOVE a second season of Awaken with Namgoong Min. It was such an unusual show, actually a fusion of genres, and it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

AND it ended in a very satisfying way.

I’m not sure how a second season would work, but the second season of Dr. Romantic turned out to be as impactful as the first.


Wait, it looks like you’re dealing with two topics here! :joy:

  1. Yes, Viki has only a fraction of the dramas broadcast in Korea, but I’ve noticed that most of the on-air crime thriller dramas do end up here. It’s the movies that are harder to license so I guess they just stick with romances? I’ve watched very few movies here on Viki… and the majority of them didn’t have a romantic arc, come to think of it :thinking:

  2. Agh, we can’t talk to Viki about second seasons… we’ll have to go straight to the directors and production company for that :sob: And the Korean viewership will have to be a LOT-- I think they take Korean viewership into account when making sequels, not the international audience.

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Hmmm. there are two related topics under the main topic of “More Crime and Thrills, Please.”

Viki is, as I have come to see it, some kind of income stream for parent company Rakuten. I assume that Rakuten supports whatever K-dramas “sell” for a Viki audience, and there do seem to be a fair number of scary dramas up on Viki right now. It’s also possible that the licenses that are the cheapest to obtain are for crime thriller dramas.

It seems to me that one way to have more of what Viki users and subscribers crave is for Viki (or somebody) to contact the actors and actresses who have production companies to say, “Hey, how about making a Viki Original that scares the daylights out of people and has some romantic interest, or at least some deep relational interest?”

Viki Originals have always puzzled me just a bit. Who are they aimed at exactly? And what do the showrunners, writers, directors, etc., hope to gain as a result of creating one? And where in the Viki budget does the money come from?

The link below is for a pretty interesting compilation of Viki “faves” over several years. Does it reflect your observations about what is most popular?

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Viki Originals aren’t made by Viki. It usually means that Viki is the only legal streaming service that has the drama and you won’t find it anywhere else :sweat_smile: The dramas that sell are the ones from the major networks: almost every kdrama you watch is from tvN, JTBC, SBS, KBS, KBS2, MBC or OCN. The rest are mostly web dramas.

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Ah, well then, it seems to me that maybe a Viki fan channel or two could, I don’t know, find a way to use the creativity out in the community to provide interesting content.

But! It would also be interesting to see if Viki could strike deals with individual actors and actresses who would provide content that Viki would own outright.

Somebody at HQ is not quite thinking outside the box.

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Well, they do get a lot of them to do shout-outs to Viki fans(in the Trailers and Clips section):
As for making their own content… not sure whether that will really work out… Netflix can do it because they have a ginormous amount of viewers who actually stick with the service.

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Viki needs to hire itself a different public relations team. It might even need to change its name. Maybe even deny access to content to non-subscribers. Or develop non-segmenter, non-subber perks that people can enjoy as a result of paying a subscription fee.

I am guessing that, among the Viki money people, there might be an “Asianese” reluctance to cause disruption and create customer unhappiness by finding a reasonable and practical way to run things.

Many challenges with Viki at the present time seem to me to exist because Rakuten is still trying to figure out if Viki can provide a good income stream for the parent company without a lot of investment.

I spent 26 years working for municipal government, which is not quite the same as working for a profit-driven company. But I was constantly amazed at the lengths that people went to in order to create buzz and excitement about their projects and plans . . . without lifting a finger, so to speak.

Viki seems to me to have the same types of people in charge of making the company more useful, more responsive, and more profitable.


Ah, sorry I wasn’t very responsive. :3 I was absorbed by my real life hobbies.

Thank you all for your kind responses and clarification.

I do really wish to see more mature tv shows in general. Don’t get me wrong , its okay if you enjoy these. I just don’t like this trend of shows here going on lately with to me silly, childish content with awfully done “cute acting”, I cant STAND IT xD Im a big fan of Korean dramas, but the psychologically deep ones, they are really great at doing these and its a pity it doesn’t get the recognition it actually deserves.



This one is really good thriller

I only recommend the ones I like. Hope u like them too


Are you okay with dramas, not movies?
Because I LOVE these two:


I’m watching Lawless Lawyer right now. It’s really very well-written, the main actor is great, and the main female lead is badass and very smart. The main villain is also a very intelligent mature woman. Although there is romance, it’s not central, and nobody acts cute, there is a vengeance to execute.

And you may enjoy Devil Judge with Ji Sung, which is starting today.


Oh yes! I love that one too!! :heart_eyes: Especially the team dynamics… and reckless LJG! Seo Ye Ji is alos soooo good here! But on the romance side, it literally went from 0 to 100 and then back to 0 in two episodes :joy: Whatever, the team chemistry was so good that I didn’t mind the lack of skinship :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you guys for all your suggestions, it’ll take me a while to watch these all though. Currently I found that one and im very surprised. https://www.viki.com/tv/37627c Im literally sobbing every 5 minutes.

At first I thought to stop watching it because it kind of lacked to me the pompous fantasy style as I got spoiled with by Chinese movies. Now im totally into this series. I like it allot.

Something about the Koreans that is fascinating me allot, their acting and how they put the play into scenery, it feels to me so life like.


today I decided to explore Amazon Prime, wow the movies & dramas & such! just like what we are discussing here, some of the older American type shows. some I haven’t seen in years! so I may just check a few out and see , Burn notice , White collar, and a bunch of medical ones, Buffie the vampire slayer, Angel, etc etc etc!! Like I said, years!!!

so this isn’t Korean dramas, but yes I sure would love to see more of those crimes & thrillers here!
from Vampires, witches, yeah the nine tailed foxes ones too, , something like Healer, or heal me kill me, or… the older ones were great! get them back on if nothing else!


just a reminder everyone, and yes I have to be reminded too, but it seems like licensing is the main problem here they have a hard time getting licensaes, anyway thats what some of the “head” people say. but wonder if its a cop out too


Dont forget charmed the 4 witch sisters. :smiley: they where so cool. But yes some of the 90s and early 2000 American movies where great. Like big fish, pans labyrinth, mr nobody…


Here is one of these kind of deep movies I would like to see here :


This is a drama - and it’s older but I am loving it. - Crime, Corruption, Kidnapping all kinds of stuff going on but the court cases are interesting…

Did you watch Vincenzo??? Best Villian EVER