Korean Drama Memes and Quotes




Wished he would hug me like that… don’t mind his sweater … I would take it and wear it lol




Well, I would also take that sweater off him and let him show me his chiseled and beautiful abs… he doesn’t need to wear anything uh uh no not at all… u_u loool


Hahahahaa LMH hasn’t abs yet but i am sure we will see a beautiful body after gangnam blues :smiley: getting exited hahahah

At least not what i expect when i think about abs lol

Can’t wait for gangnam blues T_T


damn it! I swear I saw abs in that body loool hahaha you’re right he doesn’t… :slight_smile: but he can still be shirtless in front of me never mind hahahahahahahaha



hahahaahaha hilarious


So, guys this is so lonely lately! here I come with new memes and GIFs ENJOY!!!

what do you think about this cutie :slight_smile: asdfghjkl

That moment when our heroine slaps the hell out of the bitch! this is totally my reaction!!!

**Seriously -_-’ **

I simply loved this




ikr?! and what’s with those close-up on the hand with fingers spread wide and one/second pat on the back?

What’s h&m?


A chain clothing store.


Yep it’s a chain clothing store :slight_smile: he is working there and well yeah haha





Seriously I love this blog :smiley:

heehheheh @SleepyCarol @b2utybubbles



I love the fact that gifs can express my feelings more than i can … Girl , you must tell me , where da heck you find those gifs ?!
Bravo , my dear friend !


@dramaaaaa what drama has Jiyoung or not Jiyoung in it?


loooooooool how to sit like a boss in your boss’ office hahahaha just killed me


LOL yea they really dont know how to cross the street xD

HAHAHAHAHAA MINHO! what the heck!?