Korean Drama Memes and Quotes


HAHAHA! I love this thread! xD


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You Know You've Been Watching Too Many Kdramas When




Do you like Lee Min ho?
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Omg these are hilarious! Hahahah! Thanks for sharing everyone!


Went hunting for some:

This one - - HAHAHAH!

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My favorite kdrama line! LOLOL

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Come and find me mr. alien-shii ~ !!

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Yeah… why must the writer-nim torture us??

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I love empress ki ! ~

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I screamed this to the screen! hahaha

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I just had to add a few Empress Ki memes! LOLOLOL

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This is indeed still funny!


oh my god I went through every single post. pure gold.


Here’s more!

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This is so true! Everyone female lead gets hit or almost hit, at least once.

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HAHAHAHA! Exactly!

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Why do I always do this?? LOLOL

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A world like this… should exist!! Hahaha

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Uh… we all have problems… kdrama addiction is just one of the best out there! Lmao

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Don’t treat me like a Princess! HAHAHA

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Only in kdramaland… LOL

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Back Hugs FTW!! hahaha

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Still waiting for this moment to happen… Lol

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Seriously! How do they run these multimillion dollar companies?!


The only thing with this topic, is that I wish I could select the ones to like individually :frowning: but that’s not possible when they’re 20 in a row in one post… :’(


They won’t let us post one at a time because it “takes up space”. Unless we really just post one every hr or something. I just have so much to share, Lol



Hey, Mellie!! I see you’re watching the Night Watchmen. We’re always watching the same stuff. Hehehehehe.


LOVING it so far!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s the name of the drama or the guy…can anyone pls tell me


yeah i don’t get how he lose to a freaking douche :rage:


he is so handsome. how can you leave him for the douche


i hated the ending i wanted him to go with kim nana


Sorry what drama are you referring to?