Korean Drama Memes and Quotes


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I have a pintrest board full of Kdrama memes for the days when I need a good laugh, and those days when I need to feel understood…so here are some of my favs



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Yes, I love crochet and fiber arts in general. I also like to embroider and cross stitch. I cannot watch Kdramas without some sort of project in my hand :slight_smile:

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Aww thanks! I update it sporadically, whenever I find funny or relatable memes. I’m glad others can find some laughter through those memes :blush:


These are hilarious! Thanks for sharing.


You’re welcome! :blush::hugs:


Omg I’m dying, look at these! :joy::joy::joy:

71 blueribbon_goblinmeme


20 Relatable KDrama Memes For Korean Drama Fans |
True 😂😂 . @_dramacrazy_…20 Terrible problems every K-drama addict faces



Hello everyone i didnt find any threads with memes so i would like to start one. memes became a part of our daily life so I will be sharing my favourite memes and whatever I find funny related to kdrama here.You too can share them and let’s have fun.



If I’m not mistaken, there are a few threads out there…


Oh i didn’t see them. I will definitely check them out.