Korean Drama with the following content: Strong female lead

I have watched too many dramas with strong, rich, handsome main male character and poor strong will female character. I want to try something new, with a strong rich female main character who actually pursue the male character. In short, I don’t want a traditional male character goes get the girl. I want the female character pursue her lover instead. Thank in advance.

i think my fairy lady is a bit like what u want

also couple fantasy

but they are kind of old

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“I do, I do” has a strong female lead.


Unexpected you (My husband got a family) The lead actress has a very strong personality

The main lead from “I can hear your voice”. She didn’t give 2 cents about what anyone thought of her. Although she wasn’t poor nor too rich, she was pretty funny.

Strong Female List: Protect The boss, I Hear Your Voice, City Hunter, Vampire Prosecutor, Prosecutor Princess,A Gentleman’s Dignity, I Do I Do,Lie To Me, King 2 Hearts,Rooftop Prince.The Princess Man.

King 2 Hearts! Yes! And Prosecutor Princess! Yes!
But A Gentleman’s Dignity?? Seriously?? One of the reasons I didn’t like this particular drama was because all the female characters were so flimsy!

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Take Care of the Young Lady’, ‘That Fool’, ‘Fantasy Couple’, ‘City Hunter’ (not rich, but she pursues). Even ‘I Do I Do’ could go there in terms of wealth, even though it is the poor male doing the “please date me” dance. In the ones I mentioned previously, the women do the work while the men try to catch up or get a hint.

Also, it may not be heavy on the romance, but ‘History of the Salaryman’. Yeochi is one of the most awesome female characters around. Strong, her life does not revolve around the male lead, cute, sassy and she gets things done. I love the main relationship there. There is equality in what each person does for the other and how they view each other. It’s healthy. Another series by this team, although a melodrama, is ‘Giant’ and the female is the rich one there too. She is also the one trying more.

In ‘Coffee House’, the guy is clueless while the women are trying.

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind. :slight_smile:

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Shining Inheritance. I liked this drama for the lead actress. She has conviction and she’s resilient when all these problems come at her.

Protect the Boss? She took an eternity to decide which guy she wanted and was on the fence. It was part of the plot but it was frustrating for me as a viewer. This part of her made me see her as a flimsy lady. Are you talking about how she encouraged and whipped him into shape? Or that she could kick ass?

@papercrane [quote=“rome72, post:1, topic:290”]
I want to try something new, with a strong rich female main character who actually pursue the male character. In short, I don’t want a traditional male character goes get the girl. I want the female character pursue her lover instead. Thank in advance.
The dramas I suggest for her are not all exactly 100% Lee Bo Young (I hear your voice) but to me they are different ways to be a strong female lider, to me she is not a dumb, childish, weak damsel in distress plus also the second lead female was not as evil as in other dramas plus yes Noh Eun Seol can kick ass! she is creative, changed his life style and as you said kept him in shape. when they are together they join both of their potential to make their lives better, if you can recall her office pairs doesn’t like her but she doesn’t get bullied. to me the worst case of female lead is Oh Ha Ni in Playful Kiss I think we all will be agreed, So in my opinion Noh Eun Seol has not only strong will but, she is strong physically,at her work and makes a difference in his life.

Ah, I see what you’re talking about.

a scent of woman is not exactly what you want,but it will ok. my name is kim sam soon to. (the same lead actress) . woman in gentleman dignity are not cheap, i agree. i like this drama because they are more realistic. the greatest love have a strong lead woman too.

I can’t believe nobody mentioned The Master’s Sun yet! Talking about a strong female character who decides from the start that she will be with the guy no matter what. She isn’t rich or beautiful or anything like that, but she gets the guy to be head over heels for her. She has her reasons that are not really romantic in the beginning, but all through the course of their relationship, she’s the one pulling all the strings.

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You can see master’s sun ,in this drama but not the main cast but the girl with short hair ,the little sun.

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king 2 heart (ha ji won and the sister)

Title : rich/strong/bitchy/bratty/ mean/pretty& gorgeous - female character in the drama or movie

yoon eun hye – my fair lady (she has all the personality in the title )

Han ji hye a.k.a.yoona – i summon you gold (she has all the personality in the title ) tho the main is her twin the goofy girl

jun ji hyun – My Love from the Star ( rich-strong-sophisticated-beautiful-pretty-bitchy-bossy)

jun ji hyun – my sassy girl (act like a gangster-pretty-mean-bitchy) -movie

park si yeon – coffee house (middle class rich-strong emotionally -not that bossy-sophisticated-pretty)

park Si yeon – greatest marriage (news anchor-sophisticated-pretty-strong-bossy-a little mean)

Han Hye- jin – jumong (pretty-sophisticated-strong both physically &emotionally-rich kinda but become a queen)

lee yo won – empire of gold (rich-strong emotionally-sophisticated-beautiful-pretty/) it has no romance, f***ck why…!!

lee yo won -queen seon deok (strong both physically & emotionally -princess-queen)

SEO woo – flames of desire (actress so she’s kinda rich,bitchy/sophisticated/pretty/strong emotionally)

Kim tae heeT – forbidden love (strong physically& emotionally,-rich -sophisticated-pretty)

Son Ye jin – art of seduction (a cunning girl,strong emotionally -she’s not poor tho she’s not that pretty ) movie

han ga in – witch yoo hee (rich-pretty-bossy-strong both physically &emotionally not that sophistacated)

fann wong – the wedding game (rich-kinda pretty-strong emotionally-bitchy/sophistacated) chinese movie

Maggie Q -naked weapon (sophistacated-pretty- strong physically & mentally idk if she’s rich or poor) movie more nudes

qi shui – so close (strong-not that pretty, sophistacated ) movie-chinese

qi shui – my wife is a gangster (rich-mean-bossy-ganster-strong emotionally and physically) movie-chinese

Keiko Kitagawa – Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato (rich -pretty -a little classy-strong) movie-japanese

Ryoko hirosue – oyagi/oh dad (she’s bitchy-bratty-lower class rich-pretty-strong emotionally) japanese -drama

Nanako Matsushima – perfect woman/Yamato Nadeshiko(strong emotionally-sophistacated-pretty-bitchy-cunning)japanese

park jeong ah -Frivolous Wife (rich-pretty-bratty-bitchy-strong) movie

innocent man/nice guy !

Does anyone know when they are going to add Producers to Viki? It’s on Drama Fever, but I always have problems with the website, and I don’t like it anyway.

It’s here depending on your region it’s available or not, or has a 4 weeks holdback.
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