Korean-English Subbers Needed! Drama "Beloved" needs Subbers!

A beautiful k-drama needs of your help Korean to English subbers! “Beloved” is ready for your magic. Please help us subtitle this drama.

Please contact the channel manager Haneul21 or leave a message here. Thank you so much!

Bumping this up! Hopefully someone is interested in helping us!


I would love to help if you are still in need of subbers! !

I wouldnt mind subbing this drama, I can understand Korean quite well.

i can sub danish and english if you need any

I would love to help out with english subtitles!

Dear friend, when you see something on the message board, do take the time to check

  1. when this was posted
  2. the drama’s page, to see whether the translation is still missing or it has been completed.

If the link isn’t provided, it’s enough to go to the Viki main site and search for “Beloved”.
You will easily find this page.
Then, looking at all the episodes, you can see which have been subbed in English. In this case, ALL.