Korean-English subtitler to supply 16 missing subtitles [SOLVED]

The subtitles are for the film “The Recipe”.
There are some testimonials by eyewitnesses, and on screen is written who these people are (for instance: “Forensic doctor” or “Executioner” or “Police officer”). So the translator has translated their titles, who they are, but forgot to translate their actual sentence, what they are saying!

If you are willing to spend ten minutes of your time to do that, please write to the Channel Manager fredericae

The more likely scenario is that they are speaking fast and using terminology not familiar to the team. There aren’t many still who can do legal terms and I still find people run away from news segments because they speak so fast. I do a lot of news segs myself.

Even in FIP or airport??? They talk kindof fast so it is easy to mishear or hear things blended.

No, they are talking about their experiences with a convict. How he was when he was arrested, what he was eating, how they caught him and so on. Definitely not legal and surely not fast. As you would be talking to a reporter for a TV program.
And it wasn’t a team, it was a lone translator without moderator who did all the film by herself, poor thing.
If you’re curious, see the first one or two and you’ll understand what it’s like
part 1:
4:49 (two or three subtitles there)
8:22 - completely missing
9:03 - completely missing

part 2:

part 8:

Yoohoohoo! Anyone?

I’d have helped, but it doesn’t appear to be licensed for the UK. Best of luck.

Only 569 subtitles to go and you’ll be QC. Then you could help?

If it’s still incomplete by then, sure thing. Is there tiered access to region-locked videos, though? To date, all of the QC access enabled videos (not licensed for the UK) that I’ve tried have been watchable as a QC trainee.

But not this one? Frankly, I’m not at all sure how all this works. As a gold QC, I still cannot see some (few) videos.

Curious. Perhaps it’s a Viki Pass exclusive without QC access, and not licensed for the UK. Or a Viki Pass exclusive with QC access, and not licensed for the UK. Either way, a subscription would be necessary. Or… some dark magic is at work.

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Thanks to blueserenity, who kindly provided the subtitles for us, the film is now complete. I invite everybody to watch it, it is a very particular, poetic film that I loved.

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