Korean friends, I need help with a sub

1:00:48. It’s a writing on a cellphone. I think it says “Pictures” and then “Delete” or something and then she pushes the Delete button.
Can someone please check?
And here is the link on Subtitle Editor, in case it’s open and you can access it.

She wants to remove herself from a list

탈퇴 = remove oneself from something /delete
확인 = confirm


Thank you! So it’s not deleting a picture as I thought.

She was obsessing over an ex friend of hers who had become successful in becoming a hostess and now is living a life of luxury, while she keeps failing because of her height. Now she won’t be concerning herself with that girl anymore and her heart will be at peace. Something like that. It is not clearly said nor shown in any other way, but I think that’s the moment it happens, when she decided to delete that thing.
That’s why I thought it was important and should be translated.

Maybe quit a group chat or even better “unfollow” someone’s SNS account?
Whatever the case, I put “Unfollow - Confirm”, since it makes sense.

Thanks again!

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Yes, unfollow is a good choice. In the dictionary I saw ‘withdrawal’, ‘dropout’ and ‘breakaway’ as possible translations.

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I can translate korean english together! How can I help you?

Thank you for your offer, dear Jenny. But as you can see above, the problem has been solved. Should I keep you in mind in case something else comes up?

Of course=) please contact me if you need a korean english translator next time! Thanks.

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