Korean-Japanese-Chinese collaboration drama STRANGERS 6: Searching for Korean-English subbers! We accept part-time subbers too!

We are looking for Korean-English subbers to help us sub the Korean dialogue in Strangers 6!  We do not require full-time subbing!  We accept part-time subbers!!!  Every little bit of help counts! Please PM jwindsong if you are interested!


Strangers 6 is a joint production between China, Japan, and Korea. The three countries combine forces and create a team of 6 special agents to prevent an impending disaster. All 6 agents are sent to Haiwan in Southern China to help protect an earthquake research facility. However, with 6 agents from different countries, will tensions arise?

Main Cast
The cast features many actors and actresses from China, South Korea, and Japan!

Korea: Oh Ji Ho, Kim Hyo Jin
Japan: Karasawa Toshiaki, Kikawada Masaya
China: Bowie Lam, Liu Xuan

Genre: Action, crime, suspense
Episodes: 15 total
Airing status:Completed airing in 2012.
Channel page: http://www.viki.com/tv/3363c-strangers-6