Korean Movies

Most of the boards discuss Korean drama series, but I also watch Korean movies. I’ve probably watched about 30 Korean movies. The first Korean movie I watched was The Man from Nowhere, starring Won Bin. It’s a very well done action movie with lots of great fight scenes. It was the number one movie at the box office in Korea in 2010.

What Korean movies have you seen?


Waaah!! looks exiting! xP want to watch it now!

Enjoy, here it is:


I don’t remember the first one but the last movie I watched is called “Archtecture 101” it is a melo drama that talks about an architect who is contacted to rebuild a house, the owner of the house is his first love that he haven’t met since freshman year in college.

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I’ve come across that movie before, but haven’t watched it yet. I just found the trailer on youtube. It looks good, is it? Maybe I’ll watch it today :slight_smile:



It is good, but it depends on your taste. Do you like melo dramas? If you are more into romance with cute moments, I wouldn’t recommend. The story is nice and some of the things that happened I wasn’t expecting. I thought the acting was pretty good too.

I like all types of movies, I like melo dramas. It looks like a good pick for a rainy, Sunday afternoon!

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So you should definitely watch it.

The first Korean movie I watched was “Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door”. I watched it on the airplane, while on my way home from China. It was a good movie - funny and at times a bit sad. I enjoyed watching it very much! I recommend it :3

enter link description here


The first kmovie I watched was Jenny, Juno. It was really cute, but my favorite would have to be Confession of Murder with Park Shihoo.
I watched Confession of Murder because Park Shihoo is one of my favorite actors, and it was really good. It had lots of plot twists and action scenes. I recommend it!

changing partners

I’m definitely more of a drama watcher, but the fact that movies are like only 2 hours long, they’re growing on me.

I loved Ahjussi/The Man From Nowhere. Saw it after my Korean friend was fangirling all over FB about it when it first came out.
Architecture 101 was nice too.

I’ll probably come back later to post more XDD but for now, I’ll leave you with the trailer of Sunny if you haven’t seen it. It was pretty popular when it came out though.


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I also enjoyed The Man from Nowhere. Even Know Won Bin doesnt film that often, I really like him.

Sunny is sooo good, I havent watched many korean movies, but this was def one of my fav.

This is great. I’m starting another list of movies to watch. Thank you for your recommendations - keep them coming!

Both of these are from last year, totally different genres. But I really liked both.

Wonderful Radio (aka Love On-Air).
It’s a cute rom-com about a former idol singer working as a DJ, trying to get back into, well, singing.


And then A Werewolf Boy.
This one’s got a bit of a supernatural/fantasy element to it. You could say it’s the love story of a girl and the wild wolf boy she meets.



I think the first Korean film I saw was The Host. It still stands out to me because I had never seen anything like it before.

When I watch films, they tend to be tearjerkers though haha. These are some I enjoyed:


As One

Miracle in Cell No. 7

How was Miracle in Cell #7? It got really good reviews, but I don’t know the story.

Haven’t seen it either, but it’s definitely on my watch-list!!

Synopsis on AsianWiki

Essentially, there’s a little girl with a mentally handicapped father. He’s accused of a crime he didn’t commit and is sentenced to the death penalty. His prisonmates then find a way to sneak his daughter into prison (which is what the trailer shows) because he misses her.
That’s in the past - but in the present, his daughter’s grown up and is studying law, working on proving his innocence. (Not sure how long each respective part lasts though.)

Looks to have a decent amount of comedy, but at the same time, definitely looks like a tearjerker.

The first korean movie i watched was A Millionaire’s First Love with Hyun- Bin and Lee Yeon- Hee.
It´s a Melodrama, really sad but its an amazing movie :slight_smile:
here is the link if you are interested :slight_smile:


I love all of Cha Tae Hyun’s movie’s (My Sassy Girl, Highway Star, Lover’s Concerto, My Girl and I, Sad Movie, Babo, and Hello Ghost). This is a clip from Speed Scandal/Speedy Scandal/Scandal Makers. It’s a comedy about a “has been” teen idol (former K-pop star) who’s now in his 30’s and works as a radio DJ. One day a 20 year old girl (who happens to have a 6 year old boy) shows up at his door and claims to be his daughter. He does everything he can to hide it and prevent a scandal (because he’s constantly being dogged by on overzealous tabloid reporter):