Korean music (but not Kpop)


(I also like some Kpop songs)


Ooh, I got goosebumps listening to her voice! Absolutely beautiful, I saved the song to my YT playlist.

I absolutely love this piece, even though I have not watched Chuno:

“Moon Halo” reminded me of this song:


Like the songs you put, too!
Do you share your YT playlist?


Sure! It’s a mixture of various styles of Korean music. There are 157 videos, so if you’d like, you can scroll through and maybe discover something new :). Do you have a playlist as well? I love discovering new music!


omg this is just beauuuuuuutiful!!! Love her voice and the music is sooo sad omg :cry:

I also found a wonderful performance which brought me to tears T_T
I a now a huge fan of So Hyang and Soo Hee!!! Their voice’s are just breathtaking!


I will listen to it @@
I have mine too but it’s not classified or it’s not only Kpop or Ksongs, some videos have been deleted too. Ooops!


Thank you! I prefer this version of Arirang!
Do you also share your playlist??
Need some music boost!


Not really I just searched their songs in youtube because i couldnt get more of them xD
Another one which I’ve loved to hear and was also very famous (for other youtuber) bc she could change her range so fast and so smooth like butter (but this is english btw):

and again… I just love her voice and her personality :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
(Akane Cortich: it seems that she had at this time she had some health problems that may affect her ability to sing in the future, maybe this is why she is sitting, and has been so emotional in her singing.)


Korean version of Japanese music:


I see you @mirjam_465, you really :heart: Gackt.
I’ll take a listen to these, I have it :bookmark: bookmarked.


I hear what you mean. Just lovely!!
The first song :smiley:!! Dual language singing!! :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:
If anyone listens to the second song, just turn on the caption. The three vertical dots on the lower right.
Listening here is commercial free.

For Asian dramas to do so well worldwide, they are talented. They are showing the world their singing talents, right along too!


I don’t know if these music shows on Viki are widely licensed, but I really enjoy watching each of them.
King of Masked Singer

Immortal Songs

Yu Hyi-Yeol’s Sketchbook


Choi Jin-hyuk’s performance on Immortal Songs 2. He appeared with other cast members from “Zombie Detective”. Episode 472 aired September 5, 2020.
Episode Link:

Soompi’s article:


never listened to such songs I guess!!!


ahhh I really wish Masked Singer and Sketchbook were in my region!! I love both shows so much!

Especially Henry’s segments… I laughed so much! Both of them are realllly funny :joy:

the song he tries to make in the second video actually became part of his album - “Girlfriend” :heart_eyes:


I love this song… the main theme from “City Hunter” sung by Jonghyun (from SHINee).

Though Jonghyun left Earth way too early, his music lingers on and still touches hearts and souls.


Thanks a lot for reviving topics!!


I didn’t know this
But I love almost all songs of city hunter and the background score was also amazing,I listen to them on loop.


Hi Padma!!!

It’s good to see you :slight_smile:

I’ve got lots of songs I could put into this thread. But I’ll take it just one at a time. Well actually, I might make it two tonight since it’s now after midnight in Australia.

Jonghyun passed away on December 18, 2017. He’d battled depression. Sometimes Life is very hard for people.

Here is Young-K singing “Over The Rainbow” in a subway. Somehow, this seems appropriate since I’ve been thinking about Jonghyun.

The musical talent in South Korea is extraordinary.


Yes it is.i love osts a lot.