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Hello! I want to gather everyone who is looking for projects or wants to translate a film into any language. Many people have raised the topic, some have a lot of projects.Recently I ran into a problem: I decided not to start new projects . When I had only three left, I decided to apply. Here are a few days of sending requests, but no answers. Perhaps the project managers rarely go to the site and read the mail. Can you imagine that I may have 10 projects in a week?
I propose to create one thread, who is looking for projects and seeks executors for these projects.
That would be one theme, the theme of supply and demand.


:balloon:I will take the project, to translate from English into Russian. Preferably produced in Korea or Japan.:balloon:


I’ll take an abandoned project to translate Russian from English. Perhaps someone else has such projects hanging…


Are you looking for a specific genre or country of origin to work on? Or just anything?


In what way this is different than the Project Board and the thread “Want to subtitle? Let people know!”?
Is it that you state a specific genre you would like to work on? But nobody prevents you from stating your preferences in that thread too.
Your topic title said “exchange”. Do you perhaps mean “I’ll finish your project if you finish mine”? But there was nothing like that in the explanation. I’m a bit confused.

S/he said “Korea or Japan”.


Totally read over that, my bad!


I’ve written several requests for subtitles over the past three days, but everyone is silent. Some have not been on the site long enough. I don’t know when they will look at the mail.
So many movies are not translated all the way through. Is this normal?
I want to translate movies produced in Japan or Korea.


Country of origin Korea or Japan!

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    Thank you for your interest! I look forward to your applications!
    "Miss Conspirator"-film.



Need a translator from English into French, Italian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Greek, Chinese. For a film of 1 series!



Hi! Wanted for translation from English to all languages of the world!