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Wandering around the web and found some interesting articles about Viki, why not share them :slight_smile:
I wanted to update on this post ( but I thought that it might have gone off topic because it’s not really about viewers’ opinion, polls and only Viki and Dramafever etc… even though some recurrent points are mentioned here and there.
The title of this post explains it all, I guess :slight_smile:

DramaFever vs Viki vs Hulu Plus: Korean Streaming Services Compared

Source: Review from Knoji website published on Jan 17, 2017

Extract about Viki (you can read the whole comparison with other platforms clicking on the Knoji link above)

"Viki is also usually right at the top of people’s lists for Korean video streaming. Apparently, there are sometimes some issues with subtitling on Viki shows, but viewers appreciate their price point and other perks.

-Update Speed
-Mobile Compatibility
-Free Trial (1 week)

Viki has fast uploads and subbing, partly because their subtitles are done by the community. It’s crowdsourced, which helps with speed and accuracy. They also have a cheaper option than other services in terms of ad-free experience. People praise Viki for their compatibility too, with the services often working well on mobile. It’s worth noting that the speed is often reserved for Viki Pass subscribers. When you click on some of the videos, it tells you that you can only access it if you’re a member, or if you sign up for the free trial and that everyone else has to wait a few weeks to watch the free episodes. There are certainly complaints about the translation quality sometimes, however. Some of the reviewers in the Android store also have some issues with using the Chromecast feature through the service as well, apparently.

[…] If you’re instead looking for speed and staying up to date with the most recent television shows in Korea that are coming out right now, then you’ll want Viki instead. The paid version of Viki gets them out nearly right away, whereas otherwise, you’ll have to wait a few extra weeks to watch them."


"Viki has pricing available at $5 a month per so, just like the standard pricing for DramaFever. It’s the same type of deal as DramaFever with removing ads for the cost. You can also pay yearly if you want in order to save money and get the cost down to $50. This means that Viki is going to be one of the better options if you want to get Korean streaming without ads. The official name is a “Viki Pass.”

[…] Overall, Viki is going to come in as the cheapest option available as well as the fastest for getting streaming Korean episodes that just came out in many circumstances since it’s $50 per year."


“Viki reviewers favor it because of their fast uploading and subtitling practices. In particular, reviewers mention that they end up with subtitles faster than what DramaFever puts out. This means that it’s often an excellent choice for people who are addicted to a particular show and need to make sure that they get their new episode fix as soon as possible. The community sources for subtitles assure that they can spit out new translations for Korean episodes in English quickly. Other reviews include a 4 out of 5 review from Cnet, the same from Google Play, a high 4.5 out of 5 from iTunes, and a high 4.5 out of 5 from Tap Smart as well. It’s worth noting that the Android app is updated frequently, and new features are coming out all the time there, including optimizations and bug fixes. Reviews on the Android site talk about how convenient the site is in terms of allowing quick access to Korean streaming videos.”


“Overall, reviewers are fairly positive about all the potential services, with emphasis focused on particular options based on what you’re watching for.
[…] On the other hand, if what you want is to get your Korean shows and get them now, you will like Viki, provided they have the particular show you’re looking for. It could be a good idea to stick with them once you know they have what you want.”


Following articles are not really about Viki itself but more about the development of this drama/movie streaming service worldwide, in Asia (including Viki and other competitors).
(I found it was interesting to know about other available platforms in Asia, never heard about them)

Iflix, Hooq, Viu, Netflix, Viki, Catchplay And More: It’s A Crowded Video-On-Demand World

Source: article from Forbes Asia published in MAR 1, 2017

(If someone understood the flowchart in Indonesia, feel free to explain because I didn’t understand it even with the comments below)

About Netflix:
Source: CNBC Monday, 9 Jan 2017

List of dramas on Netflix (I think it’s for Netflix US only?):

Available on Netflix (april 2017):
3 cdramas
3 hkdramas
7 jdramas
39 tdramas
52 kdramas


Comparison contents Netflix (US?) :vs: Viki
:white_check_mark: Licensed on Viki
:x: not at all on Viki
:negative_squared_cross_mark: fan channel on Viki (might be incomplete/no episodes)

3 Chinese Dramas: :white_check_mark:All licensed on Viki

  1. Crime Scene Investigation Center (aka CSIC or iHero)
  2. Ice Fantasy
  3. My Sunshine Director’s Cut

3 Hong Kong Dramas: :white_check_mark:All licensed on Viki

  1. Gambler
  2. IT Champions
  3. My Family Doctor (aka The Family Doctor)

7 Japanese Dramas: :x:4/7 not on Viki

  1. :x:Atelier
  2. :x:Good Morning Call
  3. :x:HIBANA -Spark-
  4. :x:Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories
  5. Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo [listed under Mischievous Kiss 1]
  6. Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo [listed under Mischievous Kiss 2]
  7. My Little Lover ~Minami-kun no Koibito~

39 Taiwanese Dramas: 1 :x: 2 :negative_squared_cross_mark: = 3/39 not watchable on Viki

  1. Autumn’s Concerto
  2. Back to 1989
  3. Be With Me
  4. Be With You
  5. Bromance
  6. Easy Fortune Happy Life
  7. Ex-Boyfriend
  8. Fall in Love with Me
  9. Fated to Love You [listed under You’re My Destiny]
  10. The Fierce Wife
  11. A Good Wife
  12. Happy 300 Days
  13. The Happy Times of That Year [listed under The Year of Happiness and Love]
  14. Ice and Fire of Youth
  15. In Between
  16. Inborn Pair
  17. An Innocent Mistake
  18. Just You
  19. Love Around
  20. Love Cheque Charge
  21. Love Cuisine
  22. Love Family
  23. Love Me or Leave Me
  24. Love Now
  25. Lucky Days
  26. :negative_squared_cross_mark: Miss in Kiss (incomplete fan channel on Viki)
  27. Miss Rose
  28. Murphy’s Law of Love
  29. My Queen [listed under Queen of No Marriage]
  30. Office Girls
  31. Play Ball [listed under Game Winning Hit]
  32. :negative_squared_cross_mark: Prince Who Turns Into a Frog (incomplete fan channel on Viki)
  33. :x:P.S. Man [listed under Womanizer]
  34. Refresh Man
  35. Someone Like You
  36. Two Fathers
  37. What Is Love?
  38. When I See You Again
  39. Who’s the One

Korean Dramas: 17 :x: 8 :negative_squared_cross_mark: = 25/52 dramas not watchable on Viki (~50%)

  1. :x:9 Seconds – Eternal Time
  2. 12 Years Promise
  3. :negative_squared_cross_mark: Aftermath
  4. :x:After School: Lucky or Not Season 2
  5. :negative_squared_cross_mark: Age of Youth [listed under Hello, My Twenties!]
  6. Be Arrogant
  7. Birdie Buddy
  8. Boys Over Flowers
  9. Cain and Able
  10. :x:Click Your Heart
  11. Color of Woman
  12. D-Day
  13. Descendants of the Sun
  14. :x:Detective Alice
  15. Dramaworld
  16. :x:Dream Knight
  17. Full House Take 2
  18. Good-bye Mr. Black
  19. Goodbye, My Wife (aka Goodbye Dear Wife/Goodbye Wife)
  20. :x:Go! Mrs. Go! (aka Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil)
  21. :x:Happy And (possibly alternate title to Happy Ending?)
  22. Heaven’s Garden
  23. Her Legend [listed under Love in Her Bag]
  24. Immortal Classic
  25. Iris
  26. K-POP Extreme Survival
  27. Last
  28. :x:Love Cells
  29. :negative_squared_cross_mark: Love for Ten: Generation of Youth
  30. Love Rain
  31. Madame Antoine: The Love Therapist
  32. :negative_squared_cross_mark: A Man Called God
  33. Miss Panda & Mr. Hedgehog
  34. :x:My Runway
  35. :x:Never Die
  36. Nightmare High (aka Nightmare Teacher)
  37. :negative_squared_cross_mark: Noble, My Love
  38. :negative_squared_cross_mark: One More Time
  39. :negative_squared_cross_mark: Operation Proposal
  40. :x:The Outstanding Woman
  41. :x:Peninsula [listed under Korean Peninsula]
  42. Playful Kiss
  43. :x:Ready for Start
  44. :x:Real Got7 (Reality Show)
  45. :negative_squared_cross_mark: Snow Lotus [listed under Lucid Dream]
  46. :x:The Sound of Your Heart
  47. Spark
  48. Tamra the Island
  49. :x:To Be Continued
  50. Tomorrow’s Cantabile
  51. Tong
  52. :x:White Nights

Not on Viki: 32/104 = 31% dramas on Netflix are not on Viki


Interesting article. I do think Netflix uses Viki subs or at least they used to for their kdramas.

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I can’t tell how it is with Netflix in France, when I looked up the Asian dramas, there seems to be one Korean and a Japanese.
I read that they would bring a zombie drama in the next future, absolutely not my genre.
What surprises me is that it seems that the Viki produced drama Dramaworld will be airing at Netflix Germany …
But there are so many sources and I can not tell, if all ist true.

I just wished Viki would look more for Korean and Japan content, but well I guess there must be many Chinese/Taiwanese drama fans out there, counting the new channels in the past months.

When it comes to more drama at least in Germany there is not really an alternative to Viki, I mean a legal one.

I hope this fellow means, episode viewing time and not subtitles. The subtitle speed for kdrama at least is faster on vikipass because they shove us a staffer and I am not happy when this happens. I had to edit 1000s of subtitles as a result once.