Leading man in Kdrama


What Kdrama do you guys know wherein the leading man character is poor or someone that is not a CEO or something?

Been wanting to binge-watch one, let me know if you have one…Thank you! :heart:

Here are a few, although not all may still be available in your area:

My Mister
The Good Doctor
Let’s Eat (1 & 2)
Oh My Geum Bi

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As I don’t know where you live there might be no license for some. You didn’t give much information it’s a wild mix.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks, they are all available here in Quebec.

Oh, and don’t forget Yu Na’s Street. Most of the characters are poor, except for two ex gangsters and an ex corrupt policeman who have an establishment like a restaurant, karaoke place or colatec (wholesome dancing club for elders). Most of the others are pickpockets, including Yu Na, the female lead. But there’s also a gold digger targeting rich married men and a fence (you know, the one who buys and sells stolen goods). They are all deliciously multi-faceted, you hate them and love them at the same time. The main lead is a Jack of all trades, although his speciality is fixing boilers he also does paint work and everything else.
It’s one of the most wonderful dramas I’ve ever watched. Fifty episodes, but they flow away like water, I was sorry when they were over.


Forgot this one


I do, I do
Incarnation of Money
AD Genius Lee TaeBaek (Based on the true story of an ad designer Lee Jaeseok)
I Hear Your Voice
The Smile has Left Your Eyes


You haven’t specified what kind of dramas you like so…These are some highly-rated ones, also my favourites :smile:
Leading man: Soldier This is the most epic one of all classics :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Leading man: Lawyer

Leading man: bad job…becomes a student (they go back in time)

Tell me if you liked any of them! :grin::grin:

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wooooooah!!! Wait, are you saying ALL of these are your faves, or are extremely good? Which ones do you rate the highest? I wanna watch too! I really love your reccs, when you reccommended me that HUUUUGE list I wondered if all would be good, but I ended up watching almost all of them and LOVING it! You and Soompi, my most trusted recc sources :joy::joy::heart_eyes:

Thank you, you made my day!

No, I always set the wish of the viewer as first priority, of course it is easier if the wish of the viewer and my favorite dramas are similar.

Out of these my favorites are:
This first one you should know

Just Between Lovers
Lawless Lawyer
I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice
Graceful Family
Fight My Way
Shut Up! Flower Boy Band

Most of the others I enjoyed too, I only recommend dramas I enjoyed only recommend bad once to those who like them.

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Thank you!!