Legends from All Around the World

Legends are the important and significant part of each and every culture, civilization, and heritage. Passed from generation to generation, the stories and myths take on new forms, but still live in the memories of the people.

Surely, every legend is great, and each country and society has its own legends to be presented.

The Greek mythology, Jewish folklore, Hinduism, and Norse mythology are famous for their legends, myths, and beautifully-carved stories.

Feel free to share your local legends in this post and spread the word all around the world.


My contribution will be a french legend. It’s not really famous even in my country but I think it can be cool to talk about it.
So all began in the late 70s in a region of France the Vosges. It’s a part of the country where there are a lot of mountains but the most important is the presence of wolves. In 1977 a farmer found out that 7 sheeps of his livestock had been killed during the night. The attacks on the cattle will multipliate and the insvisible enemy will be called “The Beast”. A lot of beats will be planned but the Beast seems to be invicible which will create panic in the population (She even killed a bullock !).
Now the legend is still in the minds and the kids know that if they aren’t polite they will be sent to the Beast !

attached: the unic image exploitable of the Beast

Please, excuse me if I wrote some mistakes. This is not my first language after all





I loved this one ejoyed the legends around the world!!