Less number of Hindi subbers

I am a QC now and have searched this site for Hindi subbers. But there are so less number of subbers. There is one Hindi subber who is really good and has almost contributed to every drama subbed in Hindi and I really respect her for that too.
For a language with billions of speakers, it is quite indigestible that there are no more than 10 Hindi subbers at this site ( that’s the number of people I came to meet). But most of all, there is no possibilty to form a team and sub dramas. I sometimes get jealous of those Spanish or Italian or even Arabic teams, they have so many people to help them. For me, as a newly appointed QC, I feel subbing 20K or so subs for an entire show alone is a hectic task.
If you Are a Hindi speaker and interested in subbing please contact me.
I hope I will get some subbers and be lucky to work with a team.


Are you aware of this person who offered on a discussion? You can copy and paste the name, and send her a message.

I would title your post “Seeking more Hindi subbers.” That would be more clear for people.

This person doesn’t even has 1 subtitle ever done. But still one is better than none. So thanks for suggesting me.

You should put the names of the ones you already know at the bottom of your post, so that people who know someone else can contribute.
The only Hindi volunteer I know is sandeepsandhu, who is a very active moderator and subtitler.

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This is what she wrote in her offer to subtitle:
Hello everyone,
I can translate from English to French and English to Hindi. Lemme know if you would need my help, I would really appreciate it.
Merci Beaucoup

I would like to help you @kaorikazehaya. I’m a native Hindi Speaker, best one too.

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