Let Me Be Your Knight | School 2021 | Looking for English to Hindi translators


I am Hindi Moderator. Would like to welcome enthusiastic Hindi subtitle translators to join my team.

Contact me directly to join the team!


Hindi subbers wont usually visit discussions as far as I know, hindi subbers I know are
@shraddhasingh @sneha_narayanaswamy

Visit this thread and contact them via pm


Thanks for the reference! I do believe that there are not many active Hindi subbers but still keeping my glasses on :slight_smile:

Much appreciated!


You’re right. Most of the hindi subbers don’t even know how to reach out to the right person and end up losing interest. Sad truth.
Thanks for the mention though! :slight_smile:


I am a beginner to korean and would love to improve on my language skills. I am proficient in English and Hindi. I would love to contribute as a subtitler.


Hey, have you found a project yet?