Let's meet on social networking sites... :D



I’ve just read your post again lol
Still can’t believe that you called me baby haha


Ok.I take back what I said, you’re not Baby



Ahahahaha is this for me? lol


Hahahahahaha yeaaaayy

But while searching for a gif


HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHQHQ I can’t stop laughing at this omggg


I loved it, I die laughing Jaja jaja

Aaaah, You want to pervert me!!!


I’m Ludy. Nice to meet you! :slight_smile:


Hi Ludy Welcome




So cute!!
can be my Dongseang?


Of course Unnie


Ahhh you’re cheating on me!! :frowning: xD


you cheated first

hahahahha love you sweetheart

Would be me if we meet one day hahahahhaahaha


Hahahahahah can’t wait to see you someday my dear ^^


Wafaahs, Dramaaaaa no is cheating on you, just that his heart is too BIG XD

it is true, my Dongseang?


Hahahahahah she’s a girl btw xD


But my heart is still big^^ hahahaha thanks for your compliment


I Know, but I don’t know as say younger sister in korean jejeje XD


i av been away for so long. missed u guyz. so what has been going on?