Let's meet on social networking sites... :D


heyyy :slight_smile: we missed you too girl. Where were you?

@b2utybubbles this gif is so beautiful omg




Welcome again =)


That kind of help?

psychological support to come to your senses or too love JONG HYUN =P


AHAHAHAHAHAAHA LOL i guess im speaking to an experienced patient of this problem xP xD

i choooseeee… TO LOVE JONGHYUN!!! hahaha i cant come to my senses and i cant afford psychological support… too messy hahaha


He is just beautiful i just LOVE him omggg
For me he is right after kikwang on my bias list (I am just counting one member from each band)

Omgggg I just love him T-T


Sure, I’m an expert I will be your Unnie, Psychologist, Emotional Support, cloth tears, administrator, legal representative, heir XD, Etc, etc, etc …

I don’t charge commission, but I can pay with chocolate: P

Dear reacts you’re going to faint from the excitement :stuck_out_tongue:


LOLOLOLOLOL u are too funnyy xD great! someone who can HELP ME! hahahaha

okay, chocolate sounds great, but hope you dont get any stomach aches by it, because ill be coming to your office allot… jonghyun is just that hard to deal with and my FEELS are too much. hehehe so you will be seeing ALLOT of chocolates.

but YES, just like @dramaaaaa SAVE ME FROM MY KIKWANG FEELS FIRST!!!


the biggest thing that can happen is fattening, but we’ll see how we solve that issue :stuck_out_tongue: MMM…CHOCOLATE!!!



thats true. okay, ill show up to your door like this so that you know its me:


Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Vanessa. Sure you can follow me on twitter: @van_chen or my instagram @vanemusician


which one do you guys think is better Line or Kakao Talk?


Umm if you don’t want to use your number bcs of privacy use kakaotalk
But I use both and I think both of them are good.


Jajajaja…I love that picture :smiley:



If anyone is interested, I made a facebook group for viki contributors ^-^
Just click the banner! C:


Line is better . Kakaotalk it still hard to use .


Hello guys i am new on this website even though i am watching kdrama for long time .
Do u guys have any groups on SNS like discord , line or Kakaotalk or skype .
If you have add me there or if you don’t then i can make a discord group or any of those 4 apps make a group .


I use instagram, twitter, Facebook and Tiktok. But my accounts are still fresh and don’t have much new followers. Depending on the industry and the grievance, challenges certainly still remain, but the line of communication that once was somewhat challenging to establish is no longer nearly as difficult to do so. That’s why I want to promote it and check tool