Let's talk about bullying (since VIKI is already talking about it like crazy)

Thank you :_) it was long time ago, I am good now :slight_smile: I am not sure what to think about the whole issue with Jisoo now tbh


Reading Hyunjoo’s statement is really heartbreaking…


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So Ji Soo wasn’t a perpetrator of sexual violence.
Poor guy, he’s been bashed way too much

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how in the world did I miss this one??

so really sad to hear another young actor ruined because of false rumors. really a shame

I guess we don’t really know what happens “behind the curtains” in these young people’s lives, really disturbing, I hope they can go on with their acting career.

I doubt it. They take great pleasure in ruining a person’s life, the jerks! Yeah, so he bullied some kids when he was 10. Should he be killed over that? Because this is no different. He will never do the work that he loves. I tell you, I hate this so-called “cancel culture” nonsense. I hope it burns in Hell!


We now live in a world where we are not allowed to make mistakes.
I’m not talking about Ji Soo because I’ve heard that even now he was treating his manager like a slave. So I’m not sad for him. I’m talking about anyone who has changed, evolved, apologized or tried to redeem themselves.
I know some people who were jerks as kids and are now nice adults. When you remind them of what they did, how they were, they feel ashamed.

I also understand people who want Ji Soo punished. Bullying is a very serious thing, it can drive people to suicide. I guess it’s all about truth and fairness. What really happened? How bad was it? Do they deserve their whole life to be ruined?


What do yall make of this April bullying case. I dont follow kpop closely so I had never heard of the group before. I just knew the individuals who were in dramas. The recent developments are astonishing, right?

Hyunjoo’s Lawyers Refute DSP Media’s Response To Hyunjoo’s Brother Being Cleared Of Defamation Charges | Soompi


I believe that DSP should rename itself to DPS (deep-sh*t). It’s bad enough how they’ve handled the situation, but dragging down the kid as well? That’s low even by Kpop standards. :unamused:


I find it hard to form an opinion about this. During my days in school, I was bullied for years. Hardly physically, but the famous “bad boy” of the class didn’t like me, so he commented on everything, made his minions comment on everything and even after it was reported to the teacher nothing much happened (in fact he was only removed after they found out that he sold drugs lol). They simply thought that my name was funny. Rather ridiculous. After at least two horrible years at the end of school, he wanted to apologize, and I told him to go to hell. Apologize? The heck - not in this lifetime.
Therefore, I think that bullying shouldn’t be underestimated and that even children are responsible for what they do. While I object to countries punishing children with many years in jail or even a death sentence, I think as well that even 14-year-old are responsible for their actions, if they bully others.
So when I watched later on people bullying others at vocational school, I tried my best to stop it. That’s my responsibility, I guess.

Anyway, I can imagine that in a country such as South Korea where there’s a lot of pressure on children during school something like this can develop rather easily, especially in regard to the behavior towards violence when they raise their children and the strict society. So it doesn’t surprise me that bullying is an important topic in at least Japan and Korea.
But of course it’s hard to tell after many years what someone did or not and if it’s not just to ruin someone’s image.

Did bullying ruin my life? Not entirely, but I think it did throw me back in some ways. On the other hand, I’m aware that here in Europe probably nobody would care about it in the way they do in South Korea. What’s the point of replacing them after a decade? They should indeed be sorry about it if it’s true, but the rest is rather ridiculous.


This. is just sickening now.
Ji Soo has been proven innocent in court. The OP lied and his excuse is that he was facing anxiety because of his nearing enlistment and his mom was fighting cancer. Ji Soo was lenient and forgave.


Bullying is a serious issue, with lasting mental repurcussions, and it is even more serious now that it can be perpetrated online. What’s put online lives forever, and the distance if cyberbullying makes it even easier to do since the aggressor didn’t have to look their victim in the eye.

I was bullied in junior high and high school. There were a couple of reasons, but basically they boiled down to me being “weird.” I was tall, I dressed in black. Really not that weird, but whatever–I was a favorite target who rarely fought back because I was scared and just wanted to be ignored. It was usually only verbal abuse, but my boyfriend was beaten, and there was one time when I was cornered by a group of girls and they started pushing me and threatening more violence. This went on for years. No one stepped in to do anything, though teachers knew about it (since it wasn’t only happening to me).

I was also abused by my first serious boyfriend, mentally and on occasion physically. I dated him for years, because I had no sense of self worth or confidence–that was destroyed by the bullying in my school. He went to a different school and didn’t see the bullying I experienced, but he could see he could dominate me and feed his ego that way. He had been in throat for aggression before dating me. He should not have stopped.

I think that bullying must be treated as a crime when it starts, the same as stealing or selling drugs. If someone is a repeat offender, they need to be treated or what is a childhood failing could become a way of life. And bullied children deserve a childhood without fear and mental abuse. It should not be taken lightly.

I don’t believe that bullying the bullied helps break the cycle, or is justice. Getting them help and showing them how to change their patterns of reaction to situations where they feel the need to become aggressive is needed. Something has triggered this in them, and that root cause needs to be uncovered and treated.

I also don’t believe in “ruining” an adult’s life because of bullying they may have done as a child. I think there needs to be a statue of limitations on that because it was treated as normal in the past, and while it’s partially the kid’s fault, it’s mostly the failure of the adults around them that could have stopped in. Instead we should decide as a society that it stops now, and what was OK in the past no longer is. Bullying is a mental health problem that breeds more mental health problems, and it should be treated immediately and seriously.

That’s my opinion.


Ruining someone’s career is no joke - there should be a penalty for that - for false rumors - for destroying someone’s character. Funny - Now that the truth has come out - all those people that seemed to be against Ji Soo are now all - I’m so sad for him - when they were backstabbing him in social media! I really hope he gets his hard earned career back when he is able to free himself of all these lawsuits and when he gets back from service - I’ll be there ready to watch his dramas.


It’s not an opinion. It’s a fact.
Also, I am so, so sorry that you had to go through such painful times.
But I hope you’re embracing your weirdness now. You’re not a clone. We’re all different, unique, and we all deserve to love and be loved. Also, whenever you’re feeling down, settle in your comfy spot, grab some snacks, and start binging your fave drama. :grin:


And I hope that those who destroyed his career receive a brain – to verify claims and false accusation – and a heart – to see past the drama and just give people a break from time to time. We all deserve one.