Let's talk about the Reviews and Ratings!


Honestly the review section is getting out of hand. And it’s getting ridiculous how many times we have voiced for someone to do something about it. People keep using the review section however they want to because no one is doing anything about it, and that is why they think they can continue.

Like others have suggested allow the channel Managers and moderators to delete reviews that are misusing the review section. Because clearly flagging these reviews is not working at all.

You can even set up detailed instructions for channel Managers and moderators saying only delete reviews that misuse review section and that meet these criteria eg gave low stars for the slowness of subs. eg Gave low stars because
subtitles in language not yet available etc the list goes on.

Viki members want to look at the overall rating of the show and know that it is actually reflective of the show itself. You get discouraged to watch a show if the rating is low (and sad thing it is low not because the show but because of subs). Viki you want more people to watch your shows so please do something about review section.


Just got back from the absolutely chaotic page of ‘Homemade Love Story:tired_face:
I think the team there were doing segmenting and subbing at the same time?? Because there are a crazy number of ‘reviews’(:roll_eyes:) saying that it shows English 100% but no subs.
There are almost NO actual reviews, so I don’t know whether to watch it or not because of the fake reviewing.
Has anyone watched the show? Could they give me a review?


I haven’t watched it, but on it has an average score of 7.6. I usually go there to see the ratings of a show because they are more reliable than Viki’s ratings.


thanks so much!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


No problem :slight_smile:


seem s like a problem in reviews & ratings.

I do my best to watch the drama first before I put my “3 cents worth” in. from my favorite actor/actress, but what about the drama itself, how do I rate it. I like the story, I like the way they played their parts, and so on, even the ending comes to that too.

I think I have only done one bad review since I have been on Viki. and I think it was a bad ending

I do give credit to the writers too, the directors and all. review the dramas correctly is the right way


Well… Isn’t it so nice how two dramas which aren’t released yet have contrasting ratings?

One had a 4 star rating, although now counter acted by some viewers who gave the drama 10 and brought the overall rating to 7. The reason for the low rating?
I can’t understand Portuguese but have this phrase learnt by heart, the user asked for Portuguese subs.

The other on has got an Oppa in it and has a remarkable 9.9 rating by 500+ viewers who haven’t watched the show. And what’s so remarkable in this? There are hardly any whiners for the drama.


Sometimes I give ten stars after just 1-2 episodes for exactly that reason: To balance ratings.

I mostly rate the plots/the idea and the realization and hate when people are misled. It could be that I’ll be a little disappointed with only three more episodes to go. But meanwhile there are a lot of ratings.


But isn’t exactly that the problem? We write here, in the ratings and comments in English (me with my poor knowledge from school) and min. half of the audience is left out?


Could you elaborate that a little more I didn’t get what you are talking about. :sweat:


I was only referring to the low ratings, not the high ones, and to this phrase. Do such opinions reach not English speaking viewers?
The particularly high before airing are a case in themselves, but maybe you’ve already discusse that her.

I am sorry if I caused any misunderstandings.


Yes, I’ve noticed that True Beauty has an incredible number of ratings. In my opinion, Viki is doing a huge disservice to the viewers by allowing this kind of false rating. Not that I watch dramas solely based on the ratings but it would be nice if I know that the ratings are based on the quality of the drama itself and not on the availability of the subs or whether a particular oppa or idol appears in it. Also, I wonder if this may have an unintended side effect of attracting the subbers to a point where some dramas end up with an overabundance of subbers while others are struggling with only one or two.


Now, I get what you were trying to say. Almost all of the dramas on Viki has viewers from Portuguese or Spanish or French or any other European Language. I couldn’t even differentiate between these languages but the whiners taught me some broken European languages :sweat_smile:
I suppose even the English viewers might be able to understand those key phrases and I have even seen some viewers from English and Portuguese or Spanish sub stand against the whiners and tell them that they should wait.

As a viewer, if I have some dramas which I couldn’t decide if I’ll be satisfied after watching, I have some really trusted Vikians who have their reviews in almost all dramas, the reviews are long though but good enough to have some idea about the story and not revealing the story at the same time.

It’s perfectly fine, that was not a misunderstanding.


Exactly, directly or indirectly, it does affect other not-so-oppa filled dramas with lesser volunteers and longer waiting times.


It’s a vicious circle. Less popular/lower rated drama attracts less volunteers which in turn leads to slower subbing that will cause the rating to drop even lower.:worried:


To make you feel a bit better, the efficiency of subtitling isn’t that much dependent on ratings. Sub whining leaves a negative feeling on the team of that particular language. And the volunteers have to spend more time cleaning up the unhelpful sub whining. But more or less, if subtitling is completed (and completed fast), that depends on the team - good organization, time available, sense of responsibility and strong teamwork.


You are absolutely right that the most important things are the makeup/organization of the team and sense of responsibility among team members but I don’t think we can ignore the effect of the lower rating on the morale of the volunteers hence the willingness to work on a particular project. After all, we are volunteers…


I think the effect is most felt on the next project. Aka, I think some volunteers burn out from the negative experience and don’t take on new projects so quickly as they normally would.


I can attest to that as a new volunteer.


Reload your batteries by watching lots and lots of good shows! And when you come across one of them which you find so exceptionally good that you think it would be a shame not to translate and share with others, you’ll know you got over the burnout :blush: