Let's talk about the Reviews and Ratings!

I love how you’re always so positive. We need people like this - not only on Viki!


Today I happened to see this review with 1 star rating for Zombie Detective.

Dropped because subtitles sucked bad… actually a lot of the subtitles are huge and are pushed over the screen(they don’t even utilize the black bar under the show… ) they expect people to pay for subtitles OVER the show hahaha…

I am not sure how I should feel about this as someone who spent many personal hours on translating the drama.



Dear Viki,
I think it is already time you PLEASE give moderators and managers permission to check and delete ( if necessary ) irrelevant reviews left at the channels.

For upcoming kdramas, which haven’t even aired, the reviews are being SO NEGATIVE.
Clear examples:

8.7??? :expressionless:

6.3? Poor channel

8.6 :woman_facepalming:t2: There is no license for it :dizzy_face:
Viewers are getting angry

If passing viewers see that low rating, they won’t dare check or watch that upcoming drama for sure. It’s really discouraging. A loss for the Team and for the channel itself :woman_shrugging:t2:

What about the recent aired channels?
I see so many off topic reviews that are affecting the poor channels seriously🤦🏻‍♀️

Let’s not discourage potential subbers, segmenters or even moderators from helping a channel with all those crazy reviews :raising_hand_woman:t2:‍♀


In the meanwhile I did what I could on the reviews of all these dramas.

(Strangely enough, not all were visible to me. One drama was supposed to have 7 or 8 reviews and I only saw 2. This is weird, no?)


they aren’t criticizing the subs themselves but the display–and that’s probably because they have changed their own OS settings where the subs are blown up. I’ve had that problem with YouTube when I increased font size. Don’t feel bad, it’s not anything you did or could do :slightly_smiling_face:

I also saw a 1 star review on Flower of Evil that said “How can a male lead be a serial killer? seriously? im not watching”
The person has OBVIOUSLY not watched the drama and jumped to conclusions from the summary.
however, it kinda balances out the “LEE JOON GI OPPAAAAA” fake reviews, and the show has an insane 9.8 rating and im not complaining


Thanks to @marykarmelina reporting the user, it looks like Viki already deleted the post but I can’t deny that it left me a bit discouraged about subbing. I agree with @vivi_1485 that the post actually is a complaint about the formatting of subs but the user purposely worded the review in such way that at first glance it appears to insinuate that the subs are of poor quality. This is probably why someone else I’ve talked to thought that the user was complaining about the subs because she watched the episodes before they were edited. To clarify, the user only recently opened her account and watched the episodes after they were edited. Subbers are used to the negative comments directed at us but no one should have to “get used to” such negativity.


:cry: it’s wrong, but there are always people who are going to have problem with anything we do, however amazing it is. There will always be insensitive people who put themselves above everyone else, and voice their frustrations in the worst way possible.
That’s why I’m so thankful for the Viki Community-- we can cheer each other on! :blush: Don’t lose hope, we all know how much time and effort goes into subbing and volunteering, and we’re here to give you a boost if you’re feeling down! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


People like you are the reason why I love this community😘. It’s time for me to visit “Thoughts for you/us to ponder” topic to see what @frustratedwriter has added there.


Imho, the mix between paid services (no ad + earlier availability a.s.o.) and voluntary segmenting and subtitling creates misunderstandings. (Although these should become clear when comparing prices.)

Perhaps there should be an explanatory guide in several languages before one can even register.

Thank you for your patient work. :green_heart:


We have repeatedly asked Viki to be more transparent about this when advertising for Viki pass. Saying something like:

"Important note: Viki pass does NOT guarantee subtitles in your language. Subtitles are provided as a free service by volunteers to everybody (both Viki pass subscribers and free users). Most shows do have subtitles at least in English, and in a variety of other languages, but the time of completion and the availability of other languages depends solely on the volunteer community and not on Viki"

But of course they are less than willing to advertise what they DON’T offer.
All the misunderstandings stem from this. Of course people seldom read the fine print, but still if they whine one could direct them to that writing and they would shut up. Now we are powerless.
Yes, there is a post on Help which says that the subtitles are made by “our amazing volunteers” and bla bla bla…, but 1) the implication “Viki pass doesn’t change the fact that you have to wait like everybody else” is not obvious, at least to entitled people and 2) again, who will go and dig into Help to find the article?


the other thing is no posiotive feedback? hey y’all doing great and so on

wait! you mean 1 star? i gave 10, i loved it, and yes it was different, but to not compliment you subbers for a job well done thats bad! all of you do a terrific job, in all languages! wish I could do it!!

just let it go in one ear and out the other, huh? a discussion somewhere here about languages,

lookit, the English language is one that is not easy to translate, I know that! their, there, they’re and so on. so again y’all do great! if I had a stamp of approval I’d stick it on here and everywhere the subbers are!!!


aaaaaaaaaawwww thank you!!!

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Latest example:
Chousing spouse by lotterie (no comedy)

On the tablet there is written: 6 reviews, 6,5 stars.
but it shows only 4 incl. mine an should be 10+10+10+8= 9,5
Who would watch a 6,5 (!) rated show?

(And on my laptop there is only shown my review.)

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On this show’s page I saw one of the most ridiculous “reviews” I’ve ever seen on Viki.

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Meanwhile they’ve changed the calculation. Somehow. Now it is over 7. :roll_eyes:

I’ve just discovered that on the Viki website, the Review Section and the Comment Section are merged so that you can’t comment on your expectations or on the first episode without rating the drama. You can’t upload your comment without rating the show.
On the mobile app the two sections are distinct.
That’s probably why so many people are rating a show without having watched it.

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Actually, the two sections are apart even on the Viki website. They are just one under the other.

The section for Reviews and Ratings looks like this:


While the section for Comments has its own separate field for entering text.


The truth of the matter is, because Comments are under Reviews, they’re clearly down prioritised by Viki. A random user is going to write a Review and not even know there is such a thing as a Comment.


one more reason is that as soon as you’re done watching a show, Viki prompts you with that ‘Wanna Rate this Show?’ page, so even people who don’t really want or know how to review might just give it 1 or 10 stars to leave the page. I do that with WhatsApp and Teams feedback pages(that ‘Rate Your Experience’ page that pops up after you finish a call), what’s to stop people from doing it on Viki?


Okay I’m a little mad over the fact that Kiss Goblin went from being rated 9.6 to 9.3
To be fair, it deserves a 9.3, but you can blame my being emotionally connected to it :joy:. I seriously loved the filler-ness of it. Short and sweet fluffy candy.
However, THIS is what annoys me(I’m just letting of steam, so not everything might be coherent :grimacing:):
okay, the show is for 14-18 year olds. So is it BAD for 14-18 year olds? Why bring down the rating because it doesn’t cater to your age group?

If teleporting and time travelling isn’t your thing DON’T RATE IT! I feel like ratings should be done by people who take production, acting as well as STRENGTH of storyline instead of what the storyline is. Why bring down a rating just because you hate the genre itself?

This doesn’t even need explanation :roll_eyes: yes, rate it low because it’s too short.

She didn’t get choked and everyone’s stories pretty much ended well.

Of my soapbox. I apologize for taking your time.