Let's talk about the Reviews and Ratings!


It shouldn’t be possible to rate a drama before it has aired.


So basically what we would like as a way to handle rating:

  1. Don’t allow rating of dramas not aired anywhere yet
  2. Add to the Flag drop-down list a “Not a review” item
  3. Make the Information bar a bit more visible (the blue bar over the number of episodes)
  4. Use a banner on main image for shows that are only translated in English

Does anyone remember how many flags does a rating need to get before it is removed? I think it was 7?
It seems that majority of the people who down-vote shows are those who only speak Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. I know it s a lot of work for those who work on Viki, but would be nice if the information topics like:

could have a translation too in those three languages at least. Of course, this will only work on the limited number of people who actually take time to read and get informed but it is better than nothing and might cut down on the low ratings.

I do known that unfortunately no matter what, no one can do much about those that feel entitled to everything just because they are paying for it. Or demanding that the volunteers who subtitle in their language, do it faster. They make me think of three year olds throwing temper tantrums. :laughing: I try very hard not to post comments like “if you have enough time on you hands to down-vote every show because they lack your language’s subtitles and leave the same messages in the comment section, you could try to use that time to learn English like many of us have”. :yum:




Yes, there are some people that counter the false low ratings before the show airs by putting false high ratings. Both are a problem.


The Viki Support pages exist for sure in Spanish and maybe even in French. However, not all pages have been translated from English to Spanish.

There were also suggestions that, before you start writing a review, a window pops up explaining what is and what isn’t a review.


Maybe not allow a user to rate the show if it is not licensed or if the preferred language for the user is unavailable in the show.
I know this may limit the ability to give ratings for people who may have watched the shows on a different site and would like to rate it here, but I guess these people are a minority compared to the vast amount of people who rate the show bad for lack of license or subtitles.


I don’t agree with that. What do you mean “the preferred language for the subber”? Someone may have a preferred language, but if that language is not available, also be able to watch in English, even if their English is not perfect.
And, as you said, many of us have watched the show elsewhere. I have written plenty of reviews for shows when they were not available on Viki yet.
For instance, I had written about Secret Romance “Don’t be so desperate that Viki doesn’t have the license, you’re not missing anything, the show is terrible” Then after a year or so Viki got the license, LOL. To think that they paid good money for that, ugh!


well, I guess if a person still wants to watch a show even if their preferred language subtitles are still unavailable. they would change their language in order to watch and when they do that they would be able to write a rating. but i suppose if someone won’t watch anyways it would be less likely for them to go change the language just to put up a bad rating … This is just a guess, I honestly can’t know unless I am in their shoes but I have never done that before…


Being a recent volunteer, I am reading various old conversations to better understand Viki, and every day I discover interesting topics like this.
On the one hand, it saddens me to see that many problems have existed for a long time and have not yet been solved, on the other hand, I like to see many passionate people who want to improve things.

About the rating problem, in my opinion, it would be perfect if there was a parallel system of “rewiew” (?), maybe with ten hearts instead of the stars and the opportunity to leave a comment (…I think the heart shape could work as a “honey trap”… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).
…Something like “Show your love for this show” or “What do you think about this show?” in a captivating font, just below the channel cover: this wouldn’t affect the reviews score (because lazy people wouldn’t even look for the real review), but would only be a relief valve for “oppa fans” and for those who always have to complain about the lack of the subtitles.

Viki usually makes it difficult to find useful things (like these discussions), but it makes other things (which in my opinion not everyone could/should do) way too simple, leaving some icons in plain sight, such as those to insert subtitles or leave reviews…


Good idea. Viki should enable such prominent display. In fact, Viki should also enable such similar notation in dramas where (English) subtitles are from providers.

Rating/Review section should be revamped entirely. Something must be done about this section. I, for one, no longer trust the ratings I see on Viki, let alone read through many of them, except to flag some totally off-topic comments.

That ‘rating solicitation’ at the end of every episode is unnecessary, and in fact, is a factor that diminishes the credibility of the rating of each drama.


I’d go as far as to say don’t allow any ratings until the show’s final episode has aired.


The review sections is getting out of hand. People are just using the review section however they like, giving 1 star just because of subtitles and making shows really go down in ratings which is really unfair. Sometimes the show hasn’t even aired and they give it 1 star which is really irritating.
I put a Viki Ideas for them to deal with the review section. I know many have said this before but it doesn’t hurt to say it again. I mean it’s 2020 Viki needs to make changes and for once listen suggestions that people have continuously said.


I will never forget that I once saw this.
A drama hasn’t aired yet. People who are excited to see it all gave 10 stars. One person got frustrated by that so they added a 1 star review to balance things out… (That is what the review said). That review made the average rating drop from 10 to around 8 or 8.5 (can’t really remember). I remember I got so annoyed by that person myself that I added a review to push the drama back up. XD
It looks discouraging for a viewer to see the bad rating when the drama has just begun, given that the bad rating is for no legit reason.
P.S. When the average rating went back up, I removed my review because it was not based on anything.



That is really annoying, why would they give 1 star just to balance it out??? Ugh very irritating. I don’t blame you for trying to counteract their reviews it’s irritating the way they behave. It is discouraging for viewers to see a low rating. Viewers would think the show is not good where as its just people misusing the review section. I really wish Viki would do something about it. Even just simply look after the review section or even give a channel manager the power to remove reviews that have nothing to do with the show.


Okay, I’m not happy when a show isn’t any my language since I only speak English. But, I will look for an alternative to entertain myself, rather than complaining or rating something


There are quite a few threads on this topic, was it really necessary to add a new one?

By the way, this is another topic where threads would benefit from merging.


Since many years and especially in the last month’s the viewer misuse the review as if it’s something new. I REALLY hate to flag every few hours (after refreshing the page the flag icon is grey as if I didn’t flag it) if I am the channel manager or even a mod. :sweat:

Also new channels are having reviews even BEFORE it aired so the review is no longer credible and also (in the most cases) unreliable because some people abuse this system if they dont like a actor/actress to vent their anger or just because they an age gap (which is really stupid) or even bc they don’t like the story. That’s why I want to have a change here, I really do. I hope that all channel managers are able to delete any review’s who aren’t related to the story. If possible all mods would be able to flag the review and it saves this for 2 weeks or smth like that so the viki staff have enough time to check this. I really hope the you guys could take this to your heart, because the review system really need to change.

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(I am sorry if someone opened the same topic :sweat_smile:)


The review system has always been a problem. I feel really bad and upset whenever I see a 1 or 2 star review just because the English subs are not complete, or they don’t like the main cast, or other languages are not complete, or license restrictions. It affects negatively the whole channel by not encouraging other passing by vikiers to even check out a drama because it has a very low rating review.

It would be awesome if channel managers and moderators are allowed to delete them at once without waiting ages for Viki to review them or waiting for the flag thing to actually work. The ones who spend their time monitoring things in a channel is actually the English Team. We need some kind of tools to make things easier and faster for everyone.

The review system is no longer reliable.

Homework for Viki:

  • Block the review system until a drama actually airs.
  • Allow Channel managers and moderators to delete reviews. We need trust here. We are not going to make it worse as what it is now. It’s a mess already.
  • Viki staff can check the history of the deleted reviews whenever they can and bring them back if they think they were deleted wrongly.


Thank for adding those point’s! I really forgot to add “not finished subs” here omg :sweat_smile:
I really hope viki will receive our suggestion’s well.