Let's talk about the Reviews and Ratings!


Once again, something useful is buried inside Help Center.


Is it just me or has Viki done some changes? I watched a few movies here on Viki recently, and the “Rate this show” page never showed up at the end.

If this is a real change, I’m grateful. This will surely cut down on a lot of unwanted, unnecessary “reviews”


So now Reviews section is also up for conversations? :kissing:

Your laugh for the day

Aaaargh! This is a new low.

Your laugh for the day

They really are on a thread like no other, :sob::joy::rofl::rofl: I am done! :rofl:


Pure poetry! I am awestruck by the intricacy of their thinking processes. :nerd_face:


Why can someone write a review on a drama that is not yet available? And I can’t. I can’t even if the drama isn’t available in my region, although I may have seen it elsewhere.


I was pleasantly surprised with the “Melancholia” page: reviews weren’t available before the drama aired. I’m sorry I didn’t make a screenshot, because now of course it’s airing and reviews are there. The main talk is, again, about the age gap between the actors, just like in Young Lady and a Gentleman, and moreover why there will be a romance between ex teacher with her ex student which American reviewers find gross.


I try to stay away from MDL reviews. I’ve watched shows that I absolutely loved but then see reviews bashing it for the littlest things. Esp. the comments about a plot not being realistic enough… Like, hello? You’re watching a DRAMA. This is not a documentary.

I understand not a lot of people like plots that have lots of cliches, but that’s the whole point of a work of fiction.


Oh this is ONE thing that just keeps getting on my nerves!!:rage::rage: Everyone seems to want to have a “unique” opinion, and that makes them say the weirdest things. I just can’t understand why they’re so obsessed with everything being “realistic” and 100% politically correct about every single thing :roll_eyes: They just suck out all the fun of watching dramas and being entertained. I have no problem if someone wants to voice their opinions, but over-exaggerating the tiniest details really throws a wet blanket over the fun I could have had watching the drama.


It gives me a pre-bias feeling about a drama and I hate it. I start scrutinizing all the things they point out when I wouldn’t think much of it normally.


That’s why I don’t read MDL reviews, I only skim reviews here looking for certain thing that irritate me, nasty love rivals and horrid mother-in-laws irk me too much, lol So often other things are blown out of proportion, age gaps being a big one.


It’s the double-edged sword of reading reviews. I read them because I have to know if it is a good ending. I do not do sad or tragic, and I don’t want to be blind-sided. But that also means I come across too much information about other things, too. I’ve just learned to take everything with a grain of salt.


Agree, same! If there’s an ex that takes up too much screentime, I skip. MIL are extremely annoying.

The age gap haters are odd. People want the leads to be same age or 1-2 year difference but as soon as it’s anything more than 3 they draw the line. :roll_eyes:

Most of the time if there is a big age gap, like 5+ years, it will be listed in the drama details. Why do people even bother leaving complaints?


i skim through the reviews and then check the comments because someone always asks about the ending


I do the same on MDL. It really depends on how familiar I am with a drama beforehand anyway. If I’m completely unfamiliar, I will do more in-depth ‘research’. :grin:


If something looks suspiciously like it’ll have a tragic ending, I go read recaps of the ending.

Thank goodness for ppl who do recaps. (Don’t bother with reviews lol)


Since Viki’s ‘reviews’ are being used as a comments forum, maybe VikiRakuten should bring back each episode comments? They should then code in a pop-up for review writers. This will direct them to discussions, or that show’s episode comments. The pop-up should clearly remind that reviews used for commenting, will be deleted.

The way I see it, people are confusing reviews/comments as one, and the same thing, not realizing they need to further scroll to the comments. Then there’s the added, only the main discussions is available, and it’s not for the same use as each episode discussion, or here on the discussion threads.


You’re right. I see a lot more engagement on MDL. It would be nice if we had episode comments. I don’t know how people are confusing the two, though. A “review” really has no other meaning than a “review.” Why would anyone think it’s a place to comment? You can’t tag users, and you can’t even write more than one post. And I’ve never seen a comments page in my LIFE that forced you to rate the show before you could “comment” :joy:

Maybe it’s a problem for people who don’t completely understand English. The Viki interface has only ten languages, so maybe people who are forced to use English as their language may have trouble understanding what’s what…


His review on Happiness is pure art.