Let's talk about upcoming K-drama "Heirs"!

@Dudie: I totally agree with you. LMH is a good kisser, but she…

@mafaldafalcao To be honest, this does remind me of BOF with the students being children of wealthy families and all, ya know? I don’t know how i feel about that, since BOF was too repetitive for me

I am not expecting good kissing scenes from her either, but just in case theses scenes are not satisfying yoon hye is also comming back, and her kissing scenes are one of the best hahahahha

LOL at how we’re all discussing the merits of various actresses’ makeout abilities.

…But while we’re on the topic, I love Lee Min Ho kisses in general & the kisses in Gu Family Book… well, that’s just because I love everything about GFB.

I think Lee Min Ho will get this shit done right. I believe in him.

And also @tcruz omg I agree 9000% about Yoon Eun Hye yesssss plz

lol, while we’re talking about kisses, I’ve read that Kim Eun-sook (the writer) likes to add a lot of skinship in her dramas. She’s great at providing fan service and LMH is a kissing beast. So if all else fails, we’ll have something to swoon for, right?

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I’m totally excited!!! :smiley:
I really wanna see LMH acting again! :slight_smile: lol it’s not really the storyline or the rest of the cast…(no harm intended)
I hope it won’t be too boring…I don’t like rom-coms that much…but I’ll get through it…

Okay, this sounds really stupid and contradictory…

I’ll watch it because of LMH and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it…I’ll just wait and watch :wink:

I have to agree with guadi2 and Luzevedo on the age matter.

He does already looks much older than a High school kid, but hopefully the makeup crew do a great job!

I’m really excited, I can’t wait any longer! but i’ll be honest i just want to see Wol Ryu ( i don’t know his real name) because he made me fall for his role as Wol Ryu in Gu family book. Obviously i like LMH too, but for me he always performs the same role as the good guy, warm heart, smart and rich man, it bores me a bit. I’d like to see him doing a different role, maybe as bad and poor man or gangster or something like that. A good actor/actress is one who can make you love or hate his character and i know that LMH has the skill and potential. I don’t like Park Shin-hye so much, she needs to improve the romantics scenes specially her fake kissing. Well I hope it’s a good drama, let’s see what happens…

Lee Min-ho has arrived in LA today!!! The cast of Heirs (PSH, KMH and Kim Ji-won) will be here too in the next few days. They are filming in LA and beaches at Malibu for three weeks. If anyone living in the area wants to go meet your favorite peeps, now is your chance!

Lee Min-ho at LAX surrounded by fangirls and maybe a few fanboys too. Poor guy! He looks so clam though and skinny!
(cr as labelled)

@lil_YL – Papa Gu’s name is Choi Jin-hyuk :slight_smile:

Yeah, I also wish LMH would play a “different” type of character too. Maybe next time :stuck_out_tongue:
My wish is to see him playing a villain. I think it would be different, plus kdramas need a bit of diversity too. Too many chaebols populating airtime.

Did you watch Secret Garden or City Hall or maybe On air or A gentleman’s dignity? if you did then you are familiar with her writing… And she is a genius when it comes to romantic Comedies

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@lupita311 - I’ve heard of those shows, but I haven’t seen any of them. I’m sure her shows are well received since she’s a very highly regarded writer in Korea.

I agree with @lil_YL and @guadi2 a different character for LMH would be interesting…
I’ve seen a gentlemen’s dignity, it was pretty cool, I think :slight_smile:

I dont think he is an extraordinary actor, but he is soo cute that is worth watching :slight_smile:

You should watch them! “A Gentleman’s Dignity” is my favorite drama till now :wink:

@Luzevedo and @lyoness - okay, I’ll give “A Gentleman’s Dignity” a try :slight_smile:

@tcruz - I just love watching him. I can watch him read a book and probably won’t be bored by it :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I know what you mean… But well, we’ll have to see as to know :slight_smile:

I highly doubt it. She has been doing it for years. But it would be great if it wasn’t just the lips touching.

I can’t wait!!!

So true! I’d love some better kissing…perhaps minho will teach her :wink:
@jennythegenius me too…