LF Korean-English Projects

All the moderators I message are offline or busy to respond. :frowning:

  • Are there any projects that DO NOT require QC/DS status?

Viki made it so much harder to contribute. -_-

Most people don’t want to subtitle old things. And channel moderators have lives outside of Viki so they respond in days time…

All Kdrama have a license here for different regions… just look for one which is available for your region then you don’t need QC status. And it doesn’t matter if that are older series because they deserve subs too and everyone needs to start somewhere.


Send a Viki PM (not inside this discussion, as I don’t think they check it) to cgwm808, bkiss, and kakashandme. They always have numerous projects that they need Ko-En subbers for. You could also PM chizzygirl. All those people are very responsive.

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