Lgbt+ themes

I have only recently come to Viki, so was surprised at the number of gay themed dramas from Korea.

I say, surprised, because until now I have mostly been resident on Plant Netflix where on the sexuality scale of things, most of their K-Drama output is completely vanilla, never mind mixing it up a bit.

Anyhow, there are dramas her and there where producers have dipped a toe in the waters where a rainbow forms, and so I thought I’d share a handful of them.

I’d be very pleased to know of others you like and what recommendations I might enjoy on Viki

Stephen (London)



I have seen every BL (and GL) available in my region here on Viki and there are a few to choose from depending on what you like to watch. But I recommend HIStory 3: Make Our Days Count | Taiwan | Drama | Watch with English Subtitles & More ✔️


But that said there are many more. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much!

I really hope that Viki will have better GL in the future as I tend to watch everything that has romance/romantic in it… If I could dream there would also be nontoxic bisexuals in series/movies (being one myself). :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s the thing, isn’t it. Representation and the not unrealistic expectation that we can turn on the TV and see a bit of ourselves reflected along with the mainstream.


Exactly! :clap: :clap: :clap:


Are you only interested in K-BL or would you like to venture into some Thai or Taiwan, if so let me know I’ll drop some names

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Yes please. By all means. There are some excellent Taiwan films on Nfix, I’ve seen … ‘Your Name Engraved Here’ and ‘Dear Ex’.

Away from the Asian diaspora, there was a very enjoyable Spanish comedy, Smiley. Originally, a Catalan play produced in Barcelona.

There are a number of Taiwan BLs. These can be found at the link below.


These are just series all on Viki, I have other series that are not on viki so let me know when you want to explore. There are some more mature BL on this list (nth too wild), I am also not responsible for anyone under 18 so ya’ll do you.

Fluff BL: Soft (cute stuff)

Korean : Semantic Error, Our Dating Sim, All Liquors, A shoulder to cry on, Color Rush, Light On Me (a bit dragged out but cute), To My Star part 1& 2, etc. There’s more but let’s start here.

Japan: My Love Mix- Up, My Beautiful Man season 1 & 2, Old Fashion Cupcake, Life Love on the Line, Mr. Unlucky has no choice but to kiss (barely :)), A Man who defies the world of BL (comedy), Jack o’ Frost.

Taiwan: About Youth, Plus and Minus (couple irl), Be loved in House :I Do, My Tooth Your Love

Thai: I Told Sunset About You (I love this one)

BL: More Mature

Japan: The End of the World with You ( viki used to have mood indigo and the Novelist but it’s no longer there)

Taiwan: HIStory sequence series (there’s 5 series for this one. HIStory 3 has 2 separate series, please watch them in order), En of Love: Love Mechanics ( the only En of Love series I like there’s a couple),

Thai: Love in the Air, TharnType season 1&2(beware of homophobic remarks, not a lot but beware), CutiePie, Don’t Say No, Until We Meet Again (emotional), Why R U?, Secret Crush On You.

P.S. You can find more if you select BL under Genre

For a list of dramas and films dealing with LGBTQ themes here at Viki, you can check out this collection:

It is a different collection from the one mentioned previously that is just BL. For suggestions on LGBT content at Viki, I would recommend:
History 2
History 3: Trapped
Dark Blue and Moonlight
Goodbye Mother
To My Star 1 & 2
Me(a)rry Queer: This is a Korean reality show featuring LGBT couples.

One of my favorite Korean BL is not on Viki, but I encourage you to seek it out: Long Time No See.

@maria_lavendula_77 Just FYI: The series " Hello, Again" features a bi-sexual character. The Second Female Lead is bisexual. The character is not toxic at all, but portrayed positively.


I added it to my watch list and when I get the chance I will give it a go. :heart: Thank you!

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You are welcome. The SFL character does not have many scenes in the drama (compared to other dramas where a second lead is heterosexual), but her portrayal is positive even if her scenes are few. “Hello, Again” is one of the very few dramas I have watched to include a bisexual character or even broach the subject in any way. Her journey was interesting as she started the drama identifying as a lesbian but then started having feelings for a man as well as women. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy the drama. It is a cute rom-com.


I don’t know if I don’t know how to pick my BL dramas to watch, but I’m no longer watching them bc several of them involved a r a p e, and that’s so wrong to see in any drama/movie. Let’s say a man is unsure of his sexual preference it doesn’t make it right for the other male to force himself on him to prove he likes it. I think the whole concept is horribly wrong since r a p e is r a p e. Has anyone come across this situation or is just my bad luck since that’s a theme I detest to watch.


I have seen several BL where there is sexual assault and r*pe. Unfortunately, it is still a common trope in the genre where R=Love. Thankfully, many newer BL dramas released over the past 2 years or so have moved away from this trope, but some of them still have it. The only thing you can do is ask other viewers in the forums if a particular drama has scenes of non consent behaviors, and to what degree.


I can only agree with you. I hate to see it portrayed, and too often it is gratuitous. All, the more so when modern societies have established clear boundaries on issues of consent and forced encounters.

Can’t find it now, but there was a good Thai drama about a gangsta type who woos a former classmate, except I broke away from it, when he arranged for the kidnapping of his fancy.

Meanwhile, in my more adult viewing, it is an element of Japanese AV appearing under its own category heading.


Reading the Summary/Synopsis or comments and then choosing to watch or not, for this reason, there are regulations that require the mention of age recommendations, the genre of the series/film for information and protection of people sensitive to the subject and action of the film, as protection against the effects : emotional impact, emotional contagion etc.

Unfortunately, in reality, I don’t think there is any place in this world where there are no rapists and molesters regardless of preferences or sexual inclinations/attractions, so there are also victims. Note: If between 2 spouses, regardless of whether they are of the same gender or not, a sexual act without consent on both sides bears the same name… Always “no” means “no” and “yes” means “yes” and there is no " pleasure" in a non-consensual act.

Many actions in films/series are based on real facts, in this case we should pretend that they don’t exist(?), bury our heads in the sand like ostriches(?) or carry out educational work to prevent such events?


Hi Stephen,
I was wondering if you can adjust your topic’s headline, discussion implemented a system of censoring so now ■■■■ is blocked, but surprisingly in a comment I have read it, I really don’t know how this system works, and it makes me at some point speechless on what falls into the criteria of being censored. My browser still shows the topic’s title. Are we back on creativity against censoring? L-G-B-T, if this is the only way, so be it.

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Lutra , I had a look just now and I can edit my original post, but it doesn’t allow me to amend the header. I could have changed it ‘rainbow’ themes.

Hopefully, they’ll refine their censoring model, or abandon it all together!