Lgbt+ themes

There are other kinds, too.


Viki has this good reality/variety show that profiles LGBTQ couples and they talk about their experiences and their lives in South Korea as members of the LGBTQ community.

In terms of dramas, you are correct that Viki has mostly the BL content that is targeted toward a straight female audience whose scripts are written to fulfill straight women’s fantasies, sexual and other. As mentioned by others here, there are a few titles that have a broader scope and try to take a more realistic view of LGBTQ life.


@angelight313_941 I understand your opinion, I understand that you are upset, I understand that you can see yourself in the description in my profile but I don’t know in which of the statements, I understand that you did not understand that having knowledge about a concept and rendering it does not always equate to acceptance/approval, but what I don’t understand is if somehow there is an appropriate answer like “you cursed me”…

I was waiting for the reactions and answers of those who have the information, delimiting LGBTQ from the concept of BL, reality from fiction, but I was wrong to wait.
The physical aggression, the ra pe that is presented in Asian BL dramas are combated, even at home, in Asia, an aspect that, in my opinion, is toxic, deviant.
The most important aspect that distanced most LGBTQ people from the theme/concept of BL is abuse, none of those I know agree with such a thing. I mentioned it, but no one understood. Violence, dom ination, physical aggression, fetish isation, treating the dominated man as a toy, demasc ulinized men, dramatic romance or treating either sexy or playful/funny etc. are toxic issues, they are shocking, disapproved including by Asians, Westerners, my friends non-hetero (gay) and I disapprove of them too. All this has a negative influence on the realities, the deformation of the general hetero opinion, with some implications for those otherwise.
In recent years, by borrowing traumatic experiences from people’s real life, addiction to viewing, the number of BL dramas, and the producers’ incomes have otherwise increased. Nothing could be more true than those comments, previously mentioned, are after viewing the BLs. Everything I discussed in the previous comment(s) is what is still being discussed and will be brought up again by those who do not have information. I don’t think it’s bad if we clarify them.
“…they don’t depict the real situation of their life in any way. They were pretty indignant about it too.”
I answer: I do not represent the LGBTQ community, the opinion is my own: The Asian BL drama by its concept has damaged the image and does not represent the real life of LGBTQ people. As a result, as an observer, I wanted, thanks to the reactions of those assumed, that the area of BLs, if they can’t get rid of this side, at least the negative parts of the content would be delimited/underlined more clearly.This seems to be changing.
Assumed hetero people who have watched the BL series seen here or elsewhere, for me personally, they have not changed their’s/ my opinion, nor the respect, nor the love I have for my gay friends, nor for their community. Therefore, those who want to watch BLs continue to do so, but they must keep in mind the true reality.
This is my opinion.
Thank you all for the answers.

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Me(a)rry … ‘Noy available in your area’

Boo hooo!!!


MAY THE GOD I BELIEVE IN BLESS AND PROTECT YOU, and especially make you understand; there was no curse meant from me, to you. Sorry you saw it that way.

Oh, dear. I’m very sorry, @steviepics_788
I hope that Me(a)rry Qu**r will be available in your region soon. It is an interesting program. It might be available at the “other sites.”

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@steviepics_788 @table122000

Try here and see if it works for you. PS. It has no English subs available so I can’t watch it.
Maybe you’ll have better luck.


Merry Queer Episode 1 - Watch Online | ■■■■■■■■■■ - Find Your Story

I just saw that Thai BL “My School President” is coming to Viki at the end of June 2023. I have not seen this drama myself, but it has gotten many rave reviews and many comments about containing positive messages and positive character portrayals, so I thought I would let people know here since we have been discussing those themes lately.


It’s one of GMMTV’s very best shows. There are lots of positive life strategies sprinkled throughout.


Lgbt+ Themes
“Egoist” - “Love is myself” Japan
Screening date
October 27, 2022 (Tokyo International Film Festival)
February 10, 2023 (Japan, +15 years)
2 April 2023 (Hong Kong International Film Festival)
April 21, 2023 (Taiwan)
June 8-9, 2023 (Germany Nippon Connection, +18 years)
*Even if the film is viewable in festival programs (ex: in Germany, as part of Nippon Connection: 23. Nippon Connection | Arthouse Kinos Frankfurt) many online platforms have already opened pages waiting/ stand-by for broadcasting (I wish that Viki could also make room for it here, give to Caesar what is Caesar’s).
It is a film that was awaited and well received by the LGBTQ+ community in Japan, a film that received positive criticism, an award-winning film, also awaited by the non-Asian audience, in whose objective opinion, recognizing the artistic qualities and the message conveyed, I believe
A film in which the protagonists discover/rediscover themselves, love, family, motherly and filial love, the power to move on, a deeply moving drama about love and loss, a very gay film, full of long, explicit shots of male- on-male love. There are many kisses, caresses, …, erotic scenes, without becoming pornographic. “That said, Egoist makes it clear that gay relationships are more than sex…” (Tokyo Weekender).
A semi-autobiographical film about sexual minorities in Japan, based on the original novel by the late Makoto Takayama, largely based on his own life. A screening in which the Japanese director Daishi Matsunaga faced the challenge of returning to form when he made Egoist, he said in the press conference:
“At the moment, the world film industry is going through a movement to take these things seriously, so we thought it was only natural that we do it too”.(…) “In Japan, there are still misunderstandings when it comes to it’s about sexual minorities and I think it’s our duty to confront these issues and present them to the public.”, .
Makoto Takayama died in 2020, so the director Matsunaga carried out a real research work in the way of approaching and making the film: “A large part of this research ended up in the script”, said Matsunaga.
Having with him the professional actors Suzuki Ryohei, Miyazawa Hio and Agawa Sawako, the director Daishi Matsunaga felt that they could give more credibility and authenticity to the film, close to the documentary, so he left many lines that are outside the script, the improvisations resulting from the situations their personal emotions.

Matsunaga: “I want everyone to think about the meaning of the word “egoist” one more time. I have shown the title on the screen again at the end of the film with this meaning in mind. This word gives a negative image, but when you finish watching the film, can you deny this way of pouring out love by the main character? And I think there is a possibility that the meaning of the word “egoist” will change, even if only a little. While this novel expresses the homosexuality as one of the most important themes, in a broader sense, I thought it would be interesting how we see the love of family in love with others.”
“In that sense, I’m really looking forward to seeing how Egoist does. It’s the kind of film I became a director to make.”

Quotes taken from press conferences from the TIFF selection and festivals: Screen Daily, Mirror Media, Tokyo Weekender.

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Question for the forum:
Do actual gay people enjoy the BL series? I have been curious about this for a while because the BL series target market is straight women, and are catering to straight women’s fantasies. Also, many of the BL series are adapted from source material that is written by straight women, for straight women.

I’m not a hardcore BL fan, but just someone who enjoys romance stories of all types. I’ve had my own issues with some of the BL series storylines and tropes, and it made me wonder how people in the LGBT community view these BL series. Are they universally liked, hated, controversial, ignored, mixed reviews?


I have gay friends that does but I don’t know about how other gays… One of my gay friends told me that he watches anything romantic even GL. We all know that in realty some people in the LGBTQI community are more let’s say hooking up than doing the “I’m surprised that the suddenly feelings for the same gender/a friend…”. In the end it’s all fantasies no matter what genre you watch. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, love is a universal concept, I’d say. Brokeback Mountain is a case in point. It reached everyone, no matter where they were on the sexual spectrum.

There’s also many a straight boyfriend that has scorned the viewing habits of their girlfriends, only to end up watching a certain show with them AND joining in on the tears.

You’ll have exactly the same dynamic within a gay couple. One who is cool and rational, the other soppy and sentimental. Love is love, and reaches even the hardest of hearts.

Me? OMG, with some movies I start blubbering before the open titles are done.


You probably already know this, but I’ll mention it just in case you don’t. The BL genre started in Japan in the 1960s and these books were indeed written by women and enjoyed mostly by women. This is where it mostly stayed until the 21st century.

As LGBTQ+ acceptance has grown around the world, the genre’s popularity has increased beyond straight women. Thailand has been instrumental in introducing the world to BLs. My partner and I (both males) love watching BLs. I also know many other gay men who enjoy the genre. If you have read Youtube comments for Thai productions, especially GMMTV’s, you will find that there are many gay guys who watch the shows. And as a lot of comments indicate, these shows have helped people through the darkest days of their lives. It’s not easy being non-heterosexual and today’s BLs have helped people enormously when it comes to understanding and accepting their sexuality.

These days, BL is usually used to describe a genre that also includes general gay male stories. The Taiwanese have been leaders in developing gay stories that are now called BLs.


Thanks for your response, @maria_lavendula_77 . Much appreciated. Your friend sounds like me: watching all types of romance. I understand what you mean about the BL series not reflecting the reality of dating for many people in the LGBT community. Frankly, the straight romance dramas are often the same: sweet fantasy worlds that often don’t reflect the realities of life for many people. It sounds like the people you know enjoy the BL and don’t have issues with the tropes.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, @steviepics_788. It is good to know that gay viewers who like romance stories find the BL series enjoyable and are not bothered by the tropes. I have often wondered about this, as I have issues with some of the tropes.

Thanks for your comments, @manganese. It is great that actual gay male viewers enjoy the BL series. I have wondered about this since the target market is straight females. I have also wondered if the gay male viewers perhaps found the tropes strange or even offensive, since I have my own issues with the tropes of the genre. I am especially touched that many gay male viewers have found the BL series helpful and comforting to them in sad times. It is good to know that the BL series are having a positive impact for LGBT viewers, and this genre is not just for a certain type of straight female, catering to her fantasies.


Well R is a funny person, he often says that if he could he woud run of with Tul (Pakorn Thanasrivanitchai)… I don´t think Tul is that hot but it´s a nice joke. I´m bi myself and that´s why I have many friends in the community. I don´t mind BL I have worked on a few (and still are), but I so wish that Viki had good GLs instead of the once they have…


Maybe we should start requesting them…


So I had to go to MDL and look up the actor Tul. I think Tul is nice-looking, so I don’t blame your friend R for wanting to run off with him, LOL. But I can also see your point that he’s not “super hot” in looks. Tul gives me more “boy-next-door” vibes.
Yes, it is unfortunate that Viki doesn’t invest in more GL series and films. It would be nice to see some broader representation. My guess is that the GL doesn’t get the same viewing numbers as the M/F and BL dramas and films that target straight women do, so they are at the bottom of the priority list. I’ve requested a few GL series, but so far they haven’t come to Viki.


Which ones did you request? I guess it only works if we all request the same ones.

I guess they would appeal to straight men, lesbian or bisexual women, ánd just any open-minded person who likes a good drama. But maybe Viki doesn’t realize that. So far, we have only a handful of GLs on Viki.


I requested these GL series:

Lily Fever (2015) South Korea
Out of Breath (2019) South Korea
Fragrance of the First Flower (2021) Taiwan- They are currently filming Season 2
Chasing Sunsets (2020) Philippines
Pearl Next Door (2020) Philippines
Am I The Only One With Butterflies? (2018) South Korea
She Makes My Heart Flutter (2022) South Korea

Also This Film:
Our Love Story (2016) FILM South Korea

There is also this GL series from Thailand that is currently in production. I requested it. Apparently it’s based on a popular book series, so the drama will have 4 or 5 couples. They released a Preview Video introducing the characters, and it looks like a quality production. There is no official release date yet, but I hope that Viki can get this series as I think it has real appeal from the Preview Video.

Be Mine The Series Thailand

Here is the Preview Video: