"Light on Me," seen all 16 episodes, not on Viki

Episode 8 is still not completely done, at 99%. Series others wise up to Episode 14.

I just gave up and watched it all on YouTube. Finished Episode 16 today.

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I don’t mind paying for shows. I do on multiple platforms.

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You mean is out of region for you? They do have it here at RViki. Unless you are talking about another drama with same name?

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Any episode having subtitles between 95% to 100% is considered complete. Sometimes, the episode is already complete but system fails to update the sub count. Or that one 1% could be a missing on-screen text, team credit, music lyric or an useless segment.

This is what I see on MDL,
This means the series just finished yesterday (according to my timezone). Just like other dramas, episodes 15 and 16 will also come to Viki after the episodes have aired in Korea.


On Viki, the episodes arrive a week after it airs. Ep 15 comes out next Tuesday and Ep 16 comes next Thursday.

At the moment, the subs up to Ep 12 are fully checked and edited. Like shraddhasingh said, it’s probably just an non-important segment.


They have aired already. I have watched them.

It is the same drama. I have watched all 16 episodes.


Thank you for letting me know what the definition of complete is at Viki. Also, that Viki decides what is essential in the production as opposed to what the original producer thought was essential…

Again, I watched episode 16 yesterday.

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Okay, thanks for the replies. It has given me a fairly good idea about Viki translation performance expectations are and what thestandards for translation are.

I do make a point of being financially supportive and I make donations to help out with non-profit producers of Gay dramas. Typically $100 USD. These things cost money.

So I was quite willing to be a paying customer for Viki.

This is the Viki operation and of course you set your own standards.

Whether it meets my requirements or is sufficient to do so I will have to reflect on it.

I see that the series still isn’t done. It is abandoned. Will the last episode have schlock translations.


This is what I see. Last episode hasn’t even aired yet. Episode 15 has 96% subtitles. How can one consider a show in this situation “abandoned”?
Or, am I mistaken and you’re not talking about English subtitles but subtitles in a different language?

Just as you know, the subtitlers are “volunteers”, they do this in their free time. Or perhaps you expect them to work at lightening speed and complete the entire show within seconds?


I expect them not to drag on and on. I can’t watch it on We TV because Viki got the English language rights for my area.

We TV has it all translated already for English. Other venues have it all translated in English already.

This is a false opposite you are setting up. I am not asking for lightning speed, I am not asking for anything to be done “in seconds.” I am asking that Viki not be the last one of the planet to have it translated, not the last one on the planet by several weeks or months.

Also, if poor performance is going to be justified by it being done by volunteers, I suggest just not doing any BL that Viki themselves doesn’t produced.

We TV or GagaOOLala will pick it up and have English subtitles. I would be able to watch it now since I subscribe to both. As it is now given that being volunteers is a justification for poor performance, I have no faith in the English subtitles anyways.

First of all, Viki doesn’t decide when it airs episodes (no matter which drama), that’s part of the licence agreement. And according to MDL episode 16 aired last week in Korea. So saying it’s delayed here for weeks or months is unfair.

And the episodes do get translated quite quickly, so I wouldn’t call it poor performance.


Light on Me. Episode 16 is still incomplete. I think it is fair. Yet they took two other BLs as a project.

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Episode 16 of Light On Me is still not complete. It is at 92%. That seems fairly abandoned. But I know, it is volunteers, the every useful excuse for poor performance.

Yet Viki had the termerity to take both Bite Me and Peach of Time. These will drag out, some episodes will never be complete. I wish Viki wouldn’t do any BLs.

She is the English Cheif Editor of the show @cerejacult and here is the Channel Manager @monse22rea_26. You can send both of them a PM and ask them about why Light On Me is abandoned after a week of its airing and why they are making “being volunteers” an excuse.

If you aren’t satisfied with their answers, here is the Help Center,
https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us , you may create a ticket and ask Viki to not buy licenses for BLs.
Since Discussions is a place for volunteers and fans to discuss about volunteering, real life issues or their favorite entertainment, it isn’t the best place to ask for subtitles or complain about licenses, the best place for that is the Help Center. Help Center is pretty fast these days, you’ll receive an answer within 2-3 days.

Meanwhile, you might want to request subtitles for Light On Me as well, here is the form for that,
Request Subtitles for a TV Show or Movie – Help Center (viki.com)

Beyond this, the people at Discussions can’t do anything.


Where did you see that Viki obtained the license for this one? I can’t find it.

This one comes with English subtitles, so the 91% that’s currently there means that Viki is amazing enough to provide us with 9% of subtitles that wouldn’t be there on other sites!


peach has no viki channel, so no license.


Are you stating that the English team in this drama is doing a poor translating and/or have they abandoned this show??
Oh my, did you send a message to the english team asking about it?
Do you speak the native language of the drama to offer help? No? Oh, our volunteers do! This drama is ready for the english audience to watch. Is clear that you don’t know how the process works, but if a segment is blank for any reason (OST, for example), you can’t see 100%, and yet, the episode is subbed ready to be watched. Sometimes there are segments that need to be deleted, filled in… but this doesn’t make the experience any less enjoyable.
You came here, in public, talk (bad things) about the volunteers who are working for free and doing something that you don’t (if you need to watch it on “youtube” you still need the subs).
I think you need to ask when you don’t understand something, but you just wrote a topic saying that one drama is “abandoned” when all episodes are with the english subs… yes, you had your time to shine.
And no, I’m not on the english team. Just like you, I don’t speak the native language and also need the subs. So, all my love for volunteers who spend their time doing this.


Hi, everyone. It looks like my name is blowing in the wind these days LoL Just kidding, thank you for tagging me on this.

edward, you look like a very upset paying viki viewer, on top of that, you were forced to watch on youtube. That must’ve been a terrible experience. We, from the english team, are very sorry to hear that. We are volunteers, but that is not an excuse. You need to get your money’s worth when it comes to subs. Except that this drama already came with all the subs. The ones missing are songs and a few sounds that don’t need a translation. Since the youtube sub also doesn’t sub those, I don’t see why you had to watch there. Did you even try to watch it on viki?

Aside from that, did you sent us any messages? I guess is easier to open a comment section here to bad mouth people instead of asking.

The thing is, this drama was being released first on youtube. People who watch BL know that they legally post there first with official English subs and then they release on the streaming channels. Not all, but the majority does. Specially thai BLs. Gameboys was released only on youtube, and after it was all done, Netflix released it, for example.

Bringing more bl to viki is a victory for us, who truly love this genre. If there is any drama that you feel is stagnated or taking too long, just send a message to the channel manager or the english moderator. Simple as this.