List of shows that are different on Viki

I’m considering whether to renew mine or not after watching Dr. Romantic season 1 episode 8. Where do you watch your kdramas?

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In all honesty I felt that song (Hey Jude) played during that procedure was kind of off.

I had a trauma with a song played during a cardiac catherization procedure (that was done during the pandemic) the Doctor decided to put a loud nasty hard rock song, and the noise of that music combined with the pain I was going through made the whole procedure a nightmare for me; so much that I signed myself out of the Hospital, and refused to stay one more day in there. Call it Karma, but I call it Divine Intervention and justice done for me. It has been 2 years and this Doctor was refused to get paid by my Health Insurance because he was an ‘‘Out of Network’’ Doctor. I didn’t get a lawyer and sue him, but I got justice done because he did all those thousand’s of dollars procedure for free since I refuse to sign the papers requesting he gets paid.