Looking for a bit more ehh 'mature' Kdrama

No I’m not looking for adult content but for a Kdrama somewhat like “I Need Romance”. Sometimes in Kdrama I think there is some lack of skinship and realistic view. Yes they kiss once and hold hands or live in the same house because they are married. Ohh it doesn’t have to be a romance Kdrama but other Kdrama with a more serious and realistic plot are welcome too but I don’t like thriller, action or horror.

Does someone know what I mean and can someone suggest one? I’m not looking for series like Secret Garden, Playful Kiss etc but more 19+ according to Koreans.


lol, isn’t it going to be one or the other?

Even thought they they don’t count as in same categories, I recommend you to watch ** ‘All In’, ‘Bad Guy’ and ‘Capital Scandal’…**
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I meant to say that it’s also fine if it isn’t romance but I don’t like Thriller, action or horror.

Thanks for the suggestions @Ozzy I already saw Bad Guy, let’s see what the others are about :slight_smile:

I’ll be curious to see what people recommend. . .

Have you seen Soulmate?


I just meant that for dramas that weren’t romance, they’d probably be stuff you didn’t like anyway.

I liked Soulmate too. Don’t know if it’s mature in the same sense, but I think tonally, it’s less silly and childish.

Secret Garden and Playful Kiss are pretty different though. So I’m not that sure what dramas you’re looking (or not looking) for. But I’d probably just go through a list of cable shows (like for tvN or something) - since it’s cable, you’re more likely to find something more “19+”. Or, like I watched Can We Get Married at the start of the year - also on a cable channel. Decent; some of it was kind of irritating, but some was fun too.

Hmmm…maybe, “Temptation of an angel”

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Worlds Within
Reply 1997


Well, I have not seen ‘I Need Romance’, but I assume you want a hot and heavy relationship, not fish kisses. Some of the romantic series which are a bit more realistic are things like ‘Coffee Prince’, obviously.

I Do I Do’ does not really get heavy with skinship, but it does handle topics like motherhood, responsibility, building a life and a career and such.

Coffee House’ is also not too stingy on the kissing department, although it does not really handle themes that are too mature, per se.

Something like ‘Personal Taste’ or ‘Lie to Me’ is also pretty good on the kissing and touching, but ‘Lie to Me’ was quite bad, I feel. As a series.

City Hall’ has a more mature relationship too.

Again, not having seen ‘I Need Romance’, I am not sure where the bar is.

I am guessing that family shows or then certain melodramas might be a bit heavier on the realistic relationships, but looking for realism and non-cliches in Korean drama is hard. It’s not as daring as Korean cinema. But here are some of my picks you can try.

Thanks for the suggestions again… some I already saw and I will check out the others :slight_smile:

Have you seen “What’s Up Fox?” ?
(I have not seen it yet, but it’s on my list.)

well I’m not sure if many people like it but, I did liked the drama “Slingshot” Aka “A man’s story”, is a serious drama, it has some romance but don’t expect romance to be the point of it. if you wanna watch something +19 then watch the movie “Five senses of Eros” there are 5 different stories and all different from each other, I liked some stories some not so much. I’m still not sure what are you looking for but if you watch any for the suggestions and does the right “click” with what you are looking for let us know, and I’ll try to think in more.

Secret Birth had some depth to it. The male lead was a bit hard to take all the time. The early scenes that had to do with their “mainly his” younger years were kind of lame, but if you get past that it was a good drama.

Innocent Man is another drama you might be interested in. Lots of betrayal and redemption.

I haven’t started Shark yet, but it does look like it has possibilities. Heartless City doesn’t end well in my opinion.

I loved Hello my Teacher and You’re my pet as they were both fun too. Coffee Prince is my favorite at this time.

I have started watching Thai lakorn’s, which is pretty challenging as there is sketchy interest or money sponsoring their release to English speaking markets. The plot lines are no where near as sophisticated nor the production as neat as Korean shows, but they a window into another culture. One that is being worked on now is The Star Courts the Moon. I am really enjoying it so for.

You can try Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident. The drama is still airing but so far it is pretty good. It is about revenge and betrayal.
Another good one is Incarnation of Money. This one isn’t too popular from what I see, but I fairly enjoyed it. It has some elements of humor, but not too much. This one is also about revenge and betrayal. (As you can see I apparently like a lot of revenge and betrayal dramas)
I Can Hear Your Voice is also a good one.


Try Gentleman’s Dignity. It is from the same author as Secret Garden, but the story is completely different. The story is good, the actors did a very good job as well. The main characters are 4 guys that are friends since school and are turning 40 years old. It is funny and romantic at the same time.


Hi Dudie!
It’s been a long time, I don’t know if you remember me.
And indeed this kind of drama is rare in K-Drama.
I took the trouble to go to your profile that helped a lot since there is a link to your list of dramas you already watched.
So here are my recommandations:

Thank You - a bit of romance with Gong Hyo Jin, not much the main topic is about the heroine’s daughter, who is HIV positive and their lifes since I saw you like 1 Litre of Tears, I thought maybe you’ll give it a try.

Giant - not that much of skinship either but a mostly solid story and romance on bord.

City Hall - some Skinship, as there is Kim Sun Ah in it :wink:

Can’t Lose - about a marriage on the edge, because of miscommuncation and a way to work on it

Love Marriage - not that dusty either on the skinship part, not as juicy as INR though

My Husband’s Woman - dramatic since the woman’s best friend is stealing the husband.
Hope there is something in the “pot” you’ll like^^

P.S.: A Wife’s Credentials - I really liked that one, the story is serious, realistic, and due to that there is not much skinship, but the dialogues and everything else - a well done drama

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