Looking for a bit more ehh 'mature' Kdrama


Ohh! I LOVE that show! :smiley:


Cruel city,swallow the sun,starway to hevan


i saw it it`s a nice drama


i will try them thank you my dear


Yep I do remember you @lutra :slight_smile: I’m watching “Thank You” now because when I saw what you posted about it I was like I have to check that right away. I like it so far except the surgery scenes, to much blood flying around T_T

Thanks again for the suggestions everyone :slight_smile: And I might be the only one who didn’t like Reply 1997… except the Cassiopeia scenes :wink:


The best drama suitable for your taste is the drama called “They Kissed Again” but it’s a Taiwanese drama. Every skinship you are looking for at the right moment will be granted. The drama as well is very realistic and inspirational.


@nangli24 yes that was the best drama skinship wise. I often wondered if it was really fake but I also heard they where dating at that time for real so who knows. He wen’t all for it when there was a kissing scene :wink:


AHH I always go back to that drama to feel some romance. He really really likes kissing her a lot. And it was all passionate kiss.


Hi dudie,
I just remembered that “Still, Marry Me” is a drama just like you expect to watch.


Ok here’s my recomendation list:

  1. Smile You - it’s a comedy plus drama. Excelllent life themes, characters and character development.
  2. Bad Guy - one of the best out there for more mature audiences.
  3. Queen In Yeon’s Man - Excellent intelligent story.
  4. That Winter The Winds Blows - very good.
  5. A Tree With Deep Roots - came in second place to Moon Embracing the Sun at the awards.
  6. Moon Embracing the Sun - one of the best dramas out there.
  7. Spring Waltz - beautifully filmed.
  8. Heartless City - goto HULU to watch this. Real real good.


“Lovers” - Mature actor/actress. Very good skinship. The plot/storyline is awesome! I’ve watched this two times already.


This is an older drama but, Que Sera Sera?


hmmm mature dramas? well I don’t know if these dramas I’m gonna mention fit exactly in that category (because I don’t really know exactly what are you looking for) but…

  1. coffee prince is definitely a heavy drama in the kissing department you know… haha

  2. heartless city if there’s something “mature” outhere then is this. The plot, characters and relationship in this drama is probably what you’re looking for. But it’s an action drama.

  3. Probably Lie to me but it’s not THAT good u know, sooo…

  4. Nice guy very strong plot

  5. personal taste what a good kiss, what a good kiss my dear hahaha I really like that drama because it wasn’t childish, or extremely cute.


I don’t know what means +19 for Koreans :slight_smile: what I know is +15 for Koreans would be +12 according to my country 's audiovisual standards.

That Winter The Wind Blows
When a man loves
Innocent Man
Loving You a Thousand Times
Temptation of an Angel
Love rain


A Thousand Days Promise

This drama absolutely corresponds to what you are looking for. a serious thing where all the main actors are mature, elegant, quiet … so on!

You will see by yourself. I’m sure you’ll love if you watch it !


City Hunter has some romantic connection, but it’s a story about revenge with nice action sequences and a strong female lead. You could give that a try, too.


Haven’t you watched “It’s Okay, That’s Love?”

This one is really mature. The script is beautiful, acting is impeccable, and the theme is really mature as it deals with mental illnesses.

I didn’t like the first episode but it gets better and better and I’m about to watch the last episode now.

I normally like rom-com type of dramas but this one is just so well written and executed. Check it out, if you haven’t done so already.


@ajumma2 Yes I saw it of course, really liked it :smile:


The World That They Live In is really good and the relationship is realistic. (the fact is they really dated each other after that :p)


What about Secret Love Affair? It’s a mature drama that will give you intense feelings and explore some subjects that - from my viewing experience so far - don’t usually get attention in dramas.