Looking for a bit more ehh 'mature' Kdrama


I agree! I just recently finished this one too. Very good indeed!


Incomplete Life, aka Misaeng.

Not much romance but it’s a rare jewel! Well written, well executed and wonderfully acted out. Absolutely loved it!

It’s about working life in Korea it’s not something that typical teenagers would go for.


I second @ajumma2 regarding Misaeng whole-heartedly. That one is for me in the top three dramas of 2014.


Yeah Misaeng was good and refreshing. I think that in general TvN has the most more ‘mature’ and refreshing Kdrama :relaxed:


I am glad that @Dudie asked this question. Thank you. There are times that I want something different than the norm and there seems to be plenty of suggestions. As much as I love Playful Kiss or Heartstrings, there are times I wanted like it has been phrased ‘realistic’ scenerios. For me after I watch something ‘heavy’ then I want to watch something ‘lighter’ such as a rom com.I had not seen any Taiwan dramas so I may have to check out the one mentioned above. I do have a suggestion that may fit to although I am not sure about the realistic nature and the female lead could be a bit ‘childish’ at times but Hotel King may fit this idea. I loved that one but I am a Lee Dong Wook fan too. HK may not be realistic in all terms but I think the story is a bit more mature.


HAVE YOU EVER WATCHES ITS OKAY, THATS LOVE its the best drama ever very mature


I just started watching the first ep of The Lover since I saw the slide all the time on the homepage and was curious. It seems to be a more mature Kdrama too so I thought let’s mention it here. No idea if it’s good but I already died of laughter a few times.


Marriage, not dating - I liked it - it not the best of the best- but it’s fresh and funny. I really had a good time watching. :wink:


This is just was i was looking for! I’ve seen some dramas that are really immature and they project that as normal for the characters and also in a romantic vew. I get upsted watching this because this is not normal at all, and this happens in most of the “high school” dramas.
The only that i liked the best and was not that immature was Dream High. Really good one.


@ririchiyololi. The best script one airing now is ‘Heard it on the grapevine’ it has a good cast also. I have laughed and cried a bit as the old and new generation come to clash. It is worth watching though.


I recently watched I Need Romance 3 and it fits the mature profile. I do think it is more realistic. The main reason to watch that one besides the more mature story is because of Sung Joon. He is good in this role.


Not a drama, but the movie Always was quite mature. Wished it had been a KD - so it could have been longer.


Just watched this and I loved it!!! No Kpop idols…serious, mature men with some seriously witty, funny dialogue. The bathroom scene with the two leads was sexy and funny at the same time.


I watched I Need Romance and I know exactly what you mean by ‘more adult-like’ Korean drama instead of the kitty nonrealistic dramas such as “You’re Beautiful” or “Boys Over Flowers.” The closest drama that has the same kind of humor and sex scenes is “It’s Okay, That’s Love.” I watched it on Netflix and just fell in love with the story and plot. You have to watch a few episodes before the story starts rolling along but overall awesome series.


I’m not sure if this is actually 19+ but try SECRET.
It has kind of a mature and twisted yet intriguing and romantic storyline,
It’s incredible. TRUST ME.

Another suggestion (although not as popular) is Bride of the century,
There is DEFINITELY no lack of skinship in that one.
Plus some great eye-candy ^~^
I didn’t check if it’s on Viki though.

I wish you a safe journey venturing into the complex world we call K-drama land…



I’m in the same boat as you, I hate the fact that in dramas they can be so in love with each other, and even finally end up together but the most they do is that kiss where they just press their lips together, god. In real life you’d want to grab them and touch them idk.

Anyways the most skinship, or at least the dramas with my favorite kissing/romantic scenes of ALL TIME:

  1. A Witches Romance; really really good. You WILL fall in love with the guy.The kissing is fantastic and there’s a awesome “romantic” scene which in the first couple episodes that’s so hot. The angst throughout the show between the couple is awesome. It’s great as long as you don’t have a problem with older women younger man coupling (which I don’t)

  2. Heart to Heart; I haven’t finished it but I think around episode 3 or 4 there is literally one of my top 3 romance scenes like in general. I promise if you get through the first couple episodes you’ll be hooked.

  3. That’s Okay; It’s Love; Just one where they just you know, have a more intimate sexy scene but not as much as the first 2 above.

  4. Birth of a Beauty; really really interesting and lots of angst.

and I Need Romance 3 would be on my list but… you already got that one hah.

Not only are these dramas filled with more romantic scenes and kissing but like you want the plots are mature and riveting.


What Happened in Bali


Oh this is a great drama I loved it although we should warn anyone we recommend it to that it leaves you drained emotionally I cried a river.


I second that recommendation, definitely worth the watch, maybe you can try Autumn in my heart and Summer scent(i personally don’t like the actor that plays the main lead in both, but the dramas are not bad), not that heavy on the skinship though. Will it snow for Christmas was decent too.


Could Healer go on this list? I don’t know if it is mature but there sure is alot more touching than in other dramas. One of the reasons I like it because I think that is realistic when you are in love. It is actually very relevant to the story too. It is a bit action oriented though so if action and romance. If someone mentioned it, I apologize I just saw it was really impressed by it. Also, I think the other aspects of the show lend to a more well rounded storyline. I guess there is alot more going on in the show as well.