Looking for a project to subtitle

I want to help subbing from English to Spanish but i can’t seem to find a show. i’m interested in everything like dramas, variety shows and idol related shows. It can be from Korea, Taiwan, China Thailand or Japan. I hope someone can help me.

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Hi! You can go to the Project Finder. Almost all of the shows on there are finding people who subtitle English to Spanish. I hope this helped! (The Project Finder is in the Community Resources).

Thank you, I know about the project finder. I think its been 2 or 3 days since I asked someone about the special episode of Rich man poor woman, because they are looking for subbers and didn’t get a reply. It’s in the project finder but there’s no answer.

The project finder sucks. It lists as “looking for subbers” when a team is actually NOT looking for subbers.

Case 1.
The drama is on-air, and is being translated now by a team. The team is complete, is actively translating. Of course, the latest episode is not finished yet, they are still working on it. On the Project Finder this latest episode is listed as “incomplete” thus, in the Project Finder’s mind, “looking for subbers”. No, they already have subbers.

Case 2.
A drama long finished, completely subbed, has some clips, like trailers, teasers, Behind The Scenes, Special episode (which most of the time is just interviews with the actors before the start of the shooting, with nothing useful, or maybe it’s a collage of scenes from the whole drama, so why would one want to watch that). These are left untranslated much of the time, and nobody would be interested in translating them or watching them. Even more the Previews for the next episodes. These are completely useless once the drama has been completely aired, because they are at the end of each episode, and if someone binge watches the drama will usually skip them anyway.
These are also not “looking for subbers”.

There are cases where a Special Episode is announced but never came. For instance “I Am Not A Robot”. There was a Special episode, ep.00, which I half-watched at the time on another website. Half because it was so boring, just the actors describing their characters with the exact same words of the publicity from the TV-company website. They didn’t know more than that, since the script hadn’t been finished yet and shooting hadn’t started. They all said “I am happy and honoured to be working with So and So and I wish you will support our drama. Love you all!” One hour of that, you want to shoot yourself from boredom.
Well, two years after the drama was completed here at Viki, they announced a Special Episode. It’s been six months, I have received innumerable newbie requests to translate it, but it’s not even here yet. And if it is I don’t intend to translate it. And even if I wanted to translate it, I would probably ask a few people from the original team who did all the rest of the episodes.

My friendly tip:
Never ask to translate Special episodes, trailers, previews. There’s a reason why they are not translated yet - especially when the drama i so old, chances are that they’re never going to be translated.

This said, it’s good manners for people to reply to your message, even if it is to refuse, and I hope they do. But before sending any messages,

Second friendly tip
Look at the profile of the person you are about to write to. How long since this person was active on Viki? Look at Recent Contributions. If the most recent contribution was four years ago, it’s pretty pointless to write to them, they probably are not on Viki any longer.
Yes, Channel Managers usually don’t subtitle on shows they manage, but still they do write a subtitle with Team Credits every now and then, so there should be “something” on their Recent Contributions.


Thank you for explaining. Then how can I start a project?, right now i was sending messages for different dramas that were on the project finder.

First of all you should go to the main pages of different recent dramas and find the names of moderators of your language. The team members can all be seen if you click on the team name.
Then write a message to each of them (in Spanish, of course), telling them that you’re willing to translate if they have a project that needs help.
Try to write a well-written message, because this shows your fluency in the language and your care in expressing yourself, with correct punctuation etc.
To contact them: https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/articles/200138974-How-do-I-message-a-Channel-Manager-or-Moderator-

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