Looking for a Project

I have an account with over 20k Subtitles (from Korean-English) that I was locked out of. Lost the password and e-mail to.

I’m starting fresh and to obtain contributor status again, I need projects to work on (of course)! :smile:

Preferably ON-AIR but I’ll look into old ones too.

Any suggestions? :frowning:
It won’t let me subtitle on-air dramas.

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Try here: http://discussions.viki.com/t/want-to-subtitle-let-people-know/33

Are you getting locked out of dramas because (1) they’re unavailable in your region/ you don’t have QC status or (2) you’re not on the team list? If it’s the latter, just message the channel manager or moderator and see about getting on the team list.

If you’re going for Kor-Eng projects, they’re almost always going to be on-air dramas. (Everything always gets subbed so quick for those shows, lucky them!)

I think he/she might be locked out of the account entirely, unable to login.

Oh no, I mean when she said “it won’t let me subtitle on-air dramas.” Wasn’t sure where she lived, so I didn’t know if the system won’t let her sub because the videos aren’t available to her or if she’s just not on the team list.

These are old korean series, really need kor-eng subbers:

Hi this channel of LC9 needs help if you are interested let me know, :smiley:


Thank you


Ooooohhh I see! Totally missed that.

I advice you to write to the help center about your other account. Viki can check if someone have multiple accounts I thought so maybe they can see you have 2 accounts too.

You’d be surprised how many channel “moderators” don’t even respond to your message(s)…lol.

I ask to be on the team, have plenty of experience (having translated for scanlation groups, GOE;SS, soompi, etc) yet they don’t respond. I guess they have enough translators or something?

Thanks for the responses!

I’m not a QC so I can’t help subtitle that one. It’s not available in my region.

You might check out these channels; they’re ongoing K-dramas licensed for the Americas that appear to be looking for more translators.

Secret Love Affair; message Wafaahs or Viih
A Witch’s Romance; message bkiss or Lazarini

Wonderful Days - uploads M/T?; message cgwm808
Jang Bo Ri is Here; message jenners18

As far as I’m aware, those users are all pretty active, and should respond relatively quickly.

Or you can also try as Dudie suggested. They might be able to do some kind of IP check or whatever it is…

Yeah, but my sisters also have Viki accounts so IP check isn’t accurate haha.

Ohhh, fair enough. I’d figure they could bring up all the usernames… But once you get on some projects, your sub count will probably go up pretty quickly anyway?

Yeah, thanks!

I only respond to PM’s in a language I can understand and where it’s clear with what they want to help. You don’t want to know how many times mods/cm’s get PM’s like “I want to help!” then I think how cool but with what? which Kdrama? Which language (if they want to sub) ? Gave up asking that because sometimes it’s even about Kdrama where I don’t even help.

I’m not saying you write PM’s like that because I don’t know.

You also don’t remember your username? Because then they can check if there is an account with that username on your IP so nothing happens to the accounts of your sisters.

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Gostaria de está me colocando a disposição para ajudar em traduzi para o português, minha língua mãe, porém vejo que esta difícil ando mandando mensagens aos PM, e não recebo resposta nenhuma, mesmo para correções, ando vendo muitos erros, mas mesmo como voluntário para revisão de tradução não recebo nenhuma resposta, e quando recebo simplesmente dizem que já tem a pessoa para isso, porém, quando volto para observar se foi feito as correções e nada. Pocha pessoa quero muito ajudar.

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hii :slight_smile: I can help with subbing Korean projects! Unfortunately I’m not fluent so I can only sub 20~40% of an episode. I look forward to helping~~

Take a look in these oldies and if you think you could help let me know

I’m looking for someone who can translate Korean to english this project:

       Joankeem  Épisode 3: Top 10 Korean Beauty for $10 or Less.

thanks a lot for your help.