Looking for a Song in a Cdrama


Hi all! This is the first time I’m posting so I’m not sure if it’s ok to ask this here, but here goes:

In the Chinese drama, First Romance, there is a song that plays in episode 16 at about 22 minutes in. I’ve been searching high and low, but I can’t find it anywhere. I looked up the episode on Youtube to see if anyone in the comments there would know. However, a different song played at that scene.

I get that the original song was replaced for copyright reasons, and that’s ok. I can find the original song, but I’m looking for the song that Viki played at that scene instead. Would anyone, by chance, recognize it?


Nope, I didn’t find anything but maybe someone else just in case to make it easier, the video link.


Hi :raising_hand_woman:t5:‍♀! I have not watched the C-Drama, First Romance. I’ll tag a few of the fans who volunteered on this drama, and normally work with C-dramas. I hope you find it! Best!

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Do you know the song Viki used in First Romance? Please reply to neonflower66


[PLAYLIST] First Romance OST

That’s all I could find, and I don’t think your song is there.


I don’t know TT But I would like to know as well :no_mouth:


You can ask, discuss, complain about and celebrate anything with us! Welcome to the community, we hope to see you here more often :blush:


I think it’s like a cover


It’s called “Chance” by Riley Wang: (see 6:51 on this link)



Wow I knew someone would be able to find it. I love modern Chinese OST, and from Taiwanese dramas too. I’m adding all this on my MP3 and play it in my car. Thanks a lot!


Is it really the song? I thought it was a different one… :thinking: And not the main OST


ah, I didn’t think to link the episode, whoops


@bozoli Thank you! :hearts:


@rocketbaby that’s a really pretty song, but I’m looking for the one that Viki replaced it with. Thank you though!



What a pity I thought it was that one: Chance (is very popular). All the songs are beautiful, and I added them to my MP3. Wish you the best of luck in finding the song you want.


Did you ever find the song?


I didn’t. I’m not sure where Viki found it, but oh well :woman_shrugging: thank you for trying!


Hopefully someone will come along, and see your topic, and also have the answer. So I’d bookmark this down below, and set it to watching if it’s not already, 加油! jiayou! fighting! :fist:t5:!


You may have tried this already, but have you tried playing that part of the drama and asking siri or alexa what song it is?
My daughter’s phone recognizes almost every song that is playing in the house. I can’t help you because I have an old phone that doesn’t acknowledge that it’s listening to everything in the room. Funny how the kids have good phones and mine is…


I tried asking Siri with no results :slightly_frowning_face:
My only guess is that it’s probably free stock music because you said Viki has substituted it instead of the actual OST. If it’s free stock music, you have very little chances of finding it because there’s a whole ocean of such music… unless the drama and song become REALLY popular and lots of people want it.


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